The Patterdale Terrier.


Two weeks have now passed since Cherno was taken from me. That is two weeks of becoming familiar with the silence the emptyness and the feeling of being entirely alone in the house. His stately self at my hearth, is sorely missed, the startling sound of his bark, when the postman calls. No more.!!!

So the question now is, what am I going to do about it  ! Obviously I can not live without a dog in the house. That fly’s in the face of my very Nature. Dogs are an integral part of my exsistence. To be without, is unthinkable. So it is time me thinks, to aquire another.

There are many things to seriously concider,when about to acquire a dog.The first thing I thought of at this time of my life,was. Can I do a dog justice ? Am I in a position to care for a dog ?  ETC.   All questions answered, I ponder upon what breed and sex of the dog, that shall be by my side for the rest of it’s life.  “”Ahhhh””…I hear you utter. “But what about a rescued dog” !!! Well yes , and what sterling work they do, thoes people who dedicate their time and effort. Into caring for and rehoming lost and abused animals. But my mind says “puppy”.  I like to see them develope both physicaly and most important mentaly.

Starting at the begining is the best place to start.

So it is decided ! Mmmm…anyone have a Patterdale puppy please 🙂


The Patterdale Terrier.


Below you find some pictures of the breed. 
My heart is set on one.



 I feel this is the dog for me.  Too old now for a GSD. (I have been told )

I am looking for a name to suit this little ball of fire.



4 responses to “The Patterdale Terrier.

  1. I’m told that Patterdales are full of character! I hope you find the right puppy.


  2. Hi kenny My daughter has a Patterdale/Jack Russell cross known as a PatterJack. He llooks just like the wonderful little fellow you show, his name is Milo and he is a darlng. still only 6 months old and guards the children as if he were a full grown dog. He is totally mad when we were looking after them the other evening he was tearing up and down the garden like a mad thing and barking at the neighbour who was cutting his grass doing a handbreak turn at the kitchen door and them off down the garden again wore himself out and slept contentely till his Mum & Dad came home! you can see him here at Christmas when he had a great time. By the way he only eats human food such as Tuna, chicken casserole and prime beef!!, hope you enjoy your new friend I am sure he will love you and you will love hime which ever one you shoose

    XXX Suki x


  3. Still no sign of you in the W/P reader and WLS have pulled the mobile version of their homepage now, further adding to my difficulties…
    I think the Patterdale Terrier would be a great match for you…I believe you are plenty Patterdalish yourself to make this a perfect match 😉 A match made in Patterdale? lol 😉 It looks very cute….and that last photo is hilarious! Keep us posted 🙂
    Timid one x


  4. Hi Kenny, I know that empty feeling around a home when we no longer have our beloved pets around us..
    But I am pleased you are thinking of aquiring another..Do I know of any Patterdale Terriers? Yes, LOL, my sister had one from a puppy, He is called Buster.. and boy of boy does he live up to his name.. He is so full of fun and life, and get is so gentle too with the children/ her grandchildern but they are from 5 upwards.. He is also as Mad as they come 🙂 meaning he has a mad half hour every so often and chases his tail, and runs around the house all excited.. But so cute… he comes to sit upon your lap wanting a bellyrub..
    Spoilt rotten I think…
    She said to me only at the weekend. Never get a Patterdale.. lOL she says he tires her out.. She had a Greyhound before a rescued ex racing one…. which she said wasnt half the work.. But he is loved..

    A Patterdale Kenny I think is Just what the Doctor Ordered 😉 😀 my friend..
    Love to you keep your chin up.. ~Sue


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