B………. !!!



I would like to spend the night, with the person responsible for this insanity, in my back garden. Then power hose it in the morning.


5 responses to “B………. !!!

  1. Hi Kenny I too couldnt open up the link, I cant get images of hurt out of my mind,too sensitive.. It amazes me everyday as to where Human Kind is going Kenny, as horror stories hit the headlines of horrendous acts on people as well as animals.. These people have lost the right to call them selves Humans and to call the Animals is an insult to the animal kingdom, For animals only kill to survive.. Not for the shear hell of suffering and seeing another suffer like the Human Race..
    I hope justice catches up with them in one form or another…
    love to you Kenny.. wishing you a good week ~Sue


  2. There are some very sick and twisted, evil people in this world. We have an abundance of pit bull types in this area. Thankfully they SEEM to be well cared for and the owners APPEAR to take responsibility for them. What happens to cats round here is another matter entirely and the youths who committ should horrendous and cruel acts against them should be made to suffer the same fate…oh yea…and then there’s the vengeful women who fry ex friends kittens in microwaves….sick, sick, sick..
    Timid one 🙂


  3. I didn’t open it Kenny, I woldn’t be able to get whatever images out of my brain. but whatever it is I hope they get the b***ds and string them up.


  4. That is so sick! Now please tell me how there can be no arrests when there were witnesses?


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