Waste of time and money.




The dreaded alarm shocked me to consciousness at 5-am this morning. Stumbling down the stairs I made my way to the kitchen and proceeded to make my first cuppa of the day. I was obliged to rise before the Crow, as my own “G.P” had arranged for me to be admitted to my local Hospital, for quite what, I knew not. All that I did know was that it was in connection with my neck and shoulder. I performed my ablutions and left the house at precisely   7-am. 

On arrival at the Hospital I was asked to take a seat, at 8-15  my name was called. I was then directed along a corridor onto a ward, there I was given another seat to sit in. The kindly nurse informed me that the Consultant would be along shortly. The Consultant arrived and explained quite eloquently, that I was here today to be given a steroid injection to the neck. However, because the injection that my G.P. had given me in the shoulder, had in fact worked and that I was now pain-free. Then that proved the origin of the pain was “NOT” the neck, but the shoulder itself. So I did NOT need to undergo the procedure.  The Consultant shook my hand and bid me goodbye, before moving swiftly on to his next patient.

I arrived home just after 9am with another reason to doubt the competence of my own G.P.  He had been perfectly aware that the injection he gave me, had in fact “worked”.  So why had he referred me back to the hospital, for an injection that I obviously did not need ?   “Go figure”   !!!!

Not what I would call a good start to the week  😦


Now because the above is somewhat down beat, I now offer you a painting by the brilliant  “Claude Monet”  It is a painting I have gazed at often and have been left  amazed at it’s beauty.




8 responses to “Waste of time and money.

  1. 😀 This might have been considered “downbeat” if you were in pain – and I’m not counting the inconvenience and pain in the neck kind of pain here! But since you’re not I view it as more upbeat than not 🙂 Well come on! It does have it’s humorous side whether you want to admit it or not 😉 You’re not in pain at this time so no excuse for you not to see at least a smidgling of the funny side! There was a hint of it in the way you wrote this post anyway 😀 Timid one 🙂


  2. At least Kenney you were home by 9am and you are able to start the day afresh, glad the pain in your shoulder is under control, did I read somewhere that you were a fine specimin of man hood??? Love the Monet pic but it looks more like a photo than a painting to me!

    Lots of love Suki x


    • Hello my lovely, Yes i am pleased the pain is under control Suki.
      I think the phrase you are talking about is ! ” perfect physical specimen”
      Yes, but that was long ago, Now I feel more like a perfect physical wreck ! lol
      Take care Suki and be good 😉
      btw. the painting looks like a photograph, because it IS a photograph. Of the painting 🙂


  3. Good news about relief from pain in the shoulder! The above pic does have karma – standing on the bridge is even better 😉


  4. Hi Kenny, good to see you in the world of Blog again I hope you had a good trip away in Sweden,.. and know all about those steroid injections in the shoulder arrrgh… My own GP bent a needle giving me one such jab… ouch!.. and proceeded to give the next, I was then referred to the hospital where I had a series of several more over several months and those injections I hardly felt.. and the problem with the frozen shoulder finally went away..

    Now you said that your post was a little down beat??
    You know me Kenny, always turning a negative into a positive..
    I see this as an Upbeat Post.. why?
    You are Pain-Free!.. that’s got to be Good! 🙂
    Keep well my good friend..


    • As usual Sue, you bring light to dark places.
      Yes I am pain-free, and I should be thankful for that. I should be thankful that I “still” walk upon this Earth. “Wow” “bent needle” !!!!!! Be well my friend that walks in dreams.


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