PhotobucketAs you have probably noticed from the header, the cat has been christened “Twiggy”

 Twig’s is showing signs of becoming braver and wiser. She has twigged, that when she hears me close the kitchen door. After placing out her breakfast, then that it is the dinner gong. 5/10 minuets later, she would appear as if from out of nowhere and reluctantly approach the strange bowl, with the tempting aroma’s emanating from it.

Since I began feeding Twig’s, I have been reducing daily, the distance to the back door. She is now confident enough to enter the back porch . This morning Twig’s was sat “inside” the back porch “waiting” to be fed.

( I smiled to myself at this sight) .

However, in order for me to feed her, i must first open the kitchen door that leads to the back porch. Needless to say that, as soon as I opened said door, she exited the porch and trotted off into the garden. I put out her food/ milk and “pretended” to close the kitchen door. Leaving it ajar . Sure enough within seconds she was back, with but a few feet of fresh air between us. I began to make general kitchen noises, clatter of pans, talking to myself  etc. But she stood her ground.

I still harbor my doubt’s, that one day she shall willingly eat from my hand. But this clearly indicates that things are moving in the right direction  🙂


When does a twig become a branch ?


6 responses to “Twiggy.

  1. She is beautiful, Kenny.


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  3. Cute liltle cat and good progress 🙂 Keep up the good work!…Timid one


  4. Wonderful Kenny, I think you’ll win this one and little Twiggy will end up being one pampered pooch, with one happy owner, You deserve a medal.


    • Well thank you kindly for your words Arlene. Nice to see you here again. Hope you are well and Tango too. Errrm… I always thought that the word “pooch” was a colloquialism for the word “dog” Have you been on the hooch again lol
      Take care now Arlene.


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