• My mobil is out of action. If you are expecting à Call from me, then i am sorry .

  • Shall try to fix it soon as pössible.

  • Kenny !

13 responses to “Sorry.

  1. Hi Kenny sorry to hear of your plight…
    Wishing you a brighter better 2013 and I hope that you enjoyed your Christmas… Thank you for adding your thoughts over on Dreamwalker’s always love having you drop by…
    Dont get too cold in all that snow…
    Love and blessings for 2013 xox Sue


    • HiSue, problem solved with mobile, my daughter livets in the back of beyond so have been . So isolated i dont normaly celebrate xmas, but managed it this year for the kids sake. Have a lövely New Sue
      Btw. You are very special to me. I may not always comment on your posts. But i do reda them.
      I am using My g/daughters ipåd to Eritrea this comment. Can you Tellier . Have not quite got the hang of it yet, but i am thinking of buying one.
      Be well My lövely friend
      Kenny x


  2. Re “lost all my tel numbers…” – If you stored them on the sim card rather than in the phone memory they’ll still be there. If not your network provider may be able to access them remotely and transfer them to a new sim card for use in new phone. If you’re in Sweden and it’s dead it may be you have not set up international roaming and it can’t connect to a network. If you’re out there for a while it may be worth getting a new phone there on a swedish network. Don’t buy an i-phone! They’re rubbish!! Get a Samsung smarktphone, or an HTC smartphone! They do lots of inexpensive ones aimed at 1st time smartphone users. Then you can access F/bk, Flikr, W.P etc from your mobile via app’s 🙂 Buy a swedish phone Kenny! You can put your existing sim card back in it when you get home 🙂 Timid one


  3. Merry Christmas and a
    Happy New Year in 2013
    Sir Kenny2dogs 🙂 🙂

    It has been a very long time since
    I called into your Space but I wish
    you very well my fine and wickedly
    good friend 🙂



  4. Hi Kenny, i certainly do expect a phone call from you. No coverage in Sweden? Hope you’re having a lovely time.


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