arrived back home on Wednesday, after visiting my Daughter in Sweden over x/mas and new year.  I had hoped that upon my return, I would be grateful for a rise in temperatures  Evidently not   !!!!   As i type, the weather man on tv is predicting   “snow”  for the n/e coast.  “OH DEAR”  more snow.  

Please find below, a few snaps of swedish snow and other things. 

Sweden xmas  0012 085

On way home from doing last minuet x/mas shopping.

Sweden xmas  0012 087

Christmas dinner .  A big thumbs up to Roberte who worked hard all day in the kitchen, to produce this  feast in the Forrest  Mmmm, still can’t figure out where he got the Swan from.

Sweden xmas  0012 161

Sweden xmas  0012 159Sweden xmas  0012 155

My compliments to the chef.

Sweden xmas  0012 002

My Daughter feeding her horses.

Sweden xmas  0012 266

“Aragon”  preparing to have his nails clipped.

Sweden xmas  0012 265

Opening of the presents. It is customary in Scandinavia to open the presents on the evening before x/mas day. 

Sweden xmas  0012 106

A 3 week old beard, should I keep it or not  ?

Sweden xmas  0012 320

The weather forecasters were not wrong yesterday. This is the scene that confronted me, when i opened the curtains this morning.

Sweden xmas  0012 201

From the frying pan into the fire.

More pics will be found on the Sweden page, in time !

40 year’s past i took my heart to sweden,

it has “never” returned.


14 responses to “Sweden

  1. We’ll take your snow if you can get it here. Glad you had a good trip and are home again. Beautiful horses and folks all around.


  2. Hi Kenny, Great to have you back and love the photos. I’m thrilled you bought the snow back but then I don’t have to go out in it! 🙂


    • Hi Ruth and it is great to be back. So you posses that childlike fascination with the snow. Standing at the window mesmerized at it’s beauty. Like someone who is viewing the sea for the first time. 🙂


  3. Like everyone else Kenny, I’m wishing you’d left the snow in Sweden, though we way down south, haven’t got any yet, it’s cold enough, and I hate it, but do admit it looks pretty, I am glad that you had and enjoyed your holiday with your daughter, though, family is so important., I can’t believe you ate a swan ……………….gasp. Don’t go too much on the beard, maybe I’m biased cos my ex had one, LOL


    • Hi Arlene. It sounds like you may be getting some snow soon, judging by the forcast. “OH” yes had a wonderful time relaxing in the snows of Sweden Arlene. Wild boar,Eagle Owls, Sea Eagles and Swans, It was wonderful. Shall not allow the beard to become overgrown. It shall be trimmed regularly by my most trusted of hairdressers.
      So you don’t believe I ate a Swan !!! Well if I didn’t eat it, the Wolves would have. so there lol


  4. I would say thanks a lot for bringing this icy cold white stuff back from Sweden with you 😉 but it’s coming from Russia so I’ll have to take it out on a certain somebody else who ought to know better than to send it over here! Looks like you had a lovely time with the family and I’m sure it did you the world of good…enjoy England! … Timid one 🙂


    • So it is the Ruskies fault, Mmmmm…. My G/mother always blamed the Russians for “everything”. 🙂
      Yes I had a fine time in Sweden Timid one.
      Intrigued to know who this “certain someone” is ! 🙂


  5. Beautiful pic of the snow in Sweden and it looks as if you had a good Christmas with your family.

    Could you please not have brought the snow back with you, looks pretty!!!

    Susan x


  6. Welcome Home Kenny,
    Lovely to see you looking so well, and great photo’s of Christmas and your Daughter with the snow and horses my friend… Yes snowing here as I type and got to get my skates on
    now as I’m off to work in short while..
    Nice to see you back and will look out for those next photos..
    Take care


    • Hello Sue, It’s nice to be back, sorry about the snow. But as they say up in the high forrest’s of Sweden. */*^”!*. On the return flight we flew into clear blue sky with very little wind, perfect flying weather. “What went wrong ”
      Be well my friend…..


  7. Looks beautiful,,you did`nt need to bring the snow back with you tho……LOL,,,and maybe you should grow the beard a lil more !! just to see ……..


    • Hi Susie. wow this snow is getting deeper, but don’t thing it shall be here for too long. Spring is just around the corner. Yes may grow the beard for a little longer, shave it on my birthday perhaps.


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