Free Spirit.


405410_451983361503305_567835700_nFunny, I was just thinking the very same thing.

4 responses to “Free Spirit.

  1. I’m thinking about this. Interesting that it comes from a book or chapter entitled “Oneness”. You are certainly unique, oh Paradigm.


    • The words just rang true to me, I liked them. I feel all of humanity is like one great beast one animal. like ants we collectively make up one living organism. “We all are one” So to hell with the plutocrats !!!


  2. Those who have Free Spirits I hope will always keep Being the forerunners of Truth as they are the ones who help spread the Light…
    Wishing you a wonderful Weekend.. Stay Warm Kenny and snug…. We are in the grip of a snow storm at the moment… so thankfully no work tomorrow or the weekend… Lol 🙂 xxxx


    • Hi Sue, I may feel I am a free spirit, but I don’t know about spreading the light. I am following the light more like . Your light my friend. Have a wonderful weekend yourself and don’t worry about me. I am red hot in this room 🙂
      Be well Sue. xx 🙂


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