Old Friend.


To Be One With Each Other.

What greater thing is there for two friends,
than to feel that they are joined together to strengthen
each other in all labor, to minister to each other in all sorrow,
to share with each other in all gladness,
to be one with each other in the silent unspoken memories?

George Eliot [Mary Anne Evans] (1819 – 1880)
tab  31

When was the last time you called an old friend?


10 responses to “Old Friend.

  1. Lovely post and photo. I didn’t know that George Eliot’s real name was Mary Anne Evans. Too bad, but maybe it’s still true we pay more attention to “George” than to “Mary Anne”. She was a smart and talented cookie.


  2. Great post Kenny and George was spot on – as she usually was. Where would we be without our friends – lovely pic too 🙂


    • Yes indeed Ruth , just where would we be without friends !!! in a very dark and lonely place, me thinks. Pleased you like the picture, it could be me in time sat at that table. Talking to a long lost friend . Minus the beard though lol


  3. My favourite old friend passed away before Christmas, my darling dog Tango. How I’d love to get in touch with him, but, on a lighter note, i phoned an old friend yesterday and we chatted for nearly an hour. 🙂


    • My old buddy Cherno past on last year, you may recall. So I know the grief you are going through Arlene. Yes calling an old friend can be so uplifting. Too many old friends drift apart, for the want of a simple phone call !!!
      Be well Arlene, old friend 🙂


  4. I think I’m calling one now Kenny!…. Hope that you enjoy your Weekend.. Snow all gone and lots of Sunshine forecast… Typical as I had no shifts until the weekend! 🙂 lol… Take care


    • Hi Sue, and your call is so very welcome. My back is playing up at the mo, so I think it is a quiet weekend for me 😦 I was talking to a friend on f/b and she said this post made her cry. I don’t know if it was the text or the picture of the old man and his dog that done it. However, she is such a sensitive soul and had just lost a very good friend. So I understand her tears.
      Be well Sue.
      btw. if you see a streak of light flash across the sky tonight, it’s me on my way to your beautiful page. 🙂


  5. very nice Kenny
    have a wonderful week my friend


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