Robin Hood

 Campaigners have won a High Court challenge over proposed changes to children’s heart surgery services in England. A judge has backed their claim that the process was legally flawed and unfair.

Save Our Surgery (SOS) is trying to stop the closure of the heart unit at Leeds General Infirmary in West Yorkshire.


This is a wonderful project of the Lairds son Nick Boardman. In aid of the child heart surgery at Leeds General Infirmary. I wish everyone involved with this most admirable project, all the very best. Brake a leg Gemma.



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10 responses to “Robin Hood

  1. We the people have the power to change whatever we want to change – if we only recognised it and then had the courage of our convictions. If we go down it is because we don’t care enough to fight hard enough to overrule those we have voted into power. People are too quick to hide behind the doom and gloom of believing themselves powerless to create change. Perhaps people should remember…”How the Mighty Fall…”
    Timid one 🙂


    • BAAaaaaa BAAaaaaa… People need and require to be herded like sheep. They need to be controlled and told to be grateful for what they get. Any difficult sheep that may have strayed from the heard, are soon barked back into line. We have it drilled into us by the powers that be, that to challenge the status quo is not a wise thought to entertain. They display a complete disregard for the great unwashed, as they each grovel for anything they can steal, from the slop trough. But ain’t that just the way it’s been since the dawn of man.

      The strong take from the weak and the smart take from the strong !


      • Errrrrhhhhh hmmmm!!! I, Timid one do not need nor require to be herded like a sheep!!! Neither do I need to be controlled and told to be grateful for what I get!!! I have a mind of my own and it is perfectly capable of acting singularly and knowing when to be grateful without any need of others prompting!!! And I’m certainly not barked back into line thank you!!. We have it drilled into us by the powers that be, that to challenging the status quo is a very wise thought to entertain for anyone with any backbone!! Actually acting on it may prove disasterous but that doesn’t mean it shouldn’t be done!! Nothing will change if we don’t make it change and we won’t make anything change unless we grow a backbone and start fighting back!!! I credited you with being of a similar fighting spirit and mindset… I hope I’m not wrong!!! 🙂


        • R: Herded, controlled, grateful, barked and status quo I am writing from the point of view of the powers that be. Not suggesting that the populous crave these conditions, that would be silly to suggest. I am sure “you” can live using your own initiative to steer yourself through this merry dance we call life. Naturally we should “always” be challenging the status quo. But the status quo don’t like it. “Backbone, fighting back” “SADDLE UP MY HORSE”


  2. they insist on treating the NHS like a dying patient, instead of one which can be resuscitated and helped back to enjoy a full life… Thank goodness voices are raised and heard above the sound of Windbag politicians and their never ending policies of change for the worse… xx


    • REBEL I SAY, REBEL “Scream and yell” like you have never done before, Take to arms brothers and sissers. Take to arms I say…. Let slip the dogs !!! But seriously now, Old England is dying and the poloticions are killing it.


  3. This is excellent news 🙂 …. Pleased you passed this on… 🙂 too many important hospitals are being closed while patients have to be transported miles away to ‘super hospitals’… And we have all read in the news about some of them on the not so popular lists! recently….
    be Well Kenny and thank you


    • Yes Sue, They shall not be content until the bare bones of our beloved N.H.S. Are scattered and bleached white, upon the rubbish dump of Tory vandalism. Once again my blood boils.


  4. Many thanks for passing on news of this worthy cause.


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