For those who are aware of the stray cat that adopted me last year. I regret to inform you that she passed away early this morning. Twiggy suffered a seizure and failed to recover. I have owned dogs all my life and never have I seen an animal nor a human suffer a seizure. So it was a most disturbing experience for me to witness. I had caught  sight of her through out the day, walking about and to all intents and purposes looked quite well . Twiggy had gained weight since last year and her coat was shining. 

Some may recall that I also lost my best buddy “Cherno-the Fearless” last year. It was after Cherno passed away that Twiggy turned up at my back door. Emaciated ,  her coat totally out of condition and virtually blind from cataracts. Twiggy did not cut a dash upon her entrance into my life, quite the opposite I must admit.   A most sorry and disheveled  sight indeed.   However as I had no animal to care for since Cherno died, my instinct to care for an animal shone through.  With a little twisting of my arm by a friend, I soon found myself in Wilkinson’s buying Cat food for the first time in my life. 

Twiggy was unapproachable at first, but then began to stop hissing at me and indeed ventured to enter my kitchen, to eat her food and drink her milk. Twiggy was becoming quite used to me and i fond of her. Indeed she had began to hang around in the kitchen after eating her breakfast. Previously Twiggy would eat, drink her milk and then disappear like a rat up a drain pipe. 

I slept on the sofa last night, hoping Twiggy would pull round and so would need my help.  About 4am I was woken by a strange sound coming from the wet room where she ended up during her seizure. I lifted the old jacket that I had placed carefully over her body to keep her warm. I saw her four legs out stretched in the air  quivering ever so slightly, then after a minuet or so they stopped quivering and slowly came to rest in front of her. I believe this was the moment her little heart stopped beating. 

I replaced the jacket, covering her completely this time, switched out the light and returned to the sofa. I just sat there in the silence, until I received a text from  a friend, who I had text shortly after Twiggy had begun the seizure. I had informed her about what was happening .  I just needed  contact with someone while poor Twiggy was writhing on the floor. It was a horrid experience. Specially as it culminated in Twiggy losing her battle for life. 

Goodbye Twigs. R.I.P. My little furry friend.


21 responses to ““TWIGGY” R.I.P.

  1. So sorry to read this sad news Kenny…a very horrible experience indeed. Nice to know that little Twiggy had someone to care for her though. You undoubtedly made her remaining time here much happier and fulfilling than it would otherwise have been.
    Timid one


  2. Hi Kenny, I was so sad to read your post about Twiggy. I had only just known of her through the one post and she was such a sweet looking thing – although I know you said she could be a bit fierce. You did a lovely job of looking after her. It’s especially sad as you were slowly gaining her trust. We just never know what is going to happen – it must have been such a shock to see her go as she did. Sending warm thoughts your way, Ruth


  3. Kenny I am so saddened to hear of your loss of Twiggy. I know you made her end days much better and brighter for all your love and care. Thinking of you and her. I’m sure she didn’t suffer too much. Big Hugs Sue. X


    • Hi Sue, yes life can be so unpredictable, I was expecting Twiggy to live longer than I . Had even flirted with the idea of having one of her eyes done to help her see a little better. I remember using a phrase describing cats as “a waste of fur” Now I quite like them. Strange how a person can “change” their affections toward something or someone.
      Be well my lovely friend x


      • I am back at my PC now Kenny, I was commenting earlier via phone, as I saw you post come in on email, and just had to say a few words to you.
        Yes Cats once you get to know them are very intelligent and loving .. Each having their own personality..
        I always kept Cats as a child I grew up with Cats.. My Hubby grew up with Dogs… Our Cat found us and she was with us 21 yrs.. A long story, but she had several strokes the first one not so bad, but I thought she wouldn’t make it .. My daughter was 20 and had gone abroad with her friends when it happened.. Our Cat was her best friend and more for she was who she told her secrets too and whose fur soaked up her tears and joys… I took her to the vets who were very helpful and understanding- As I didnt want her to go without my daughter being there for the few days until her return.
        So I set about feeding her with a syringe as she couldn’t lap.
        Then Miracles my daughter returned home and she rallied around and got totally better.. 🙂
        We had her for another 9 months until another severe stroke. this time we had to take her to the Vets for that final journey..
        She wasnt a Cat.. but like your GS Dogs Kenny, they were our family…Much loved and respected… and so sadly missed.

        Sending you a Hug xox Sue


  4. This happened to my cat Sam in 1998 three months after my Mother died. My childhood memory was that our house was known to every feline in the Manchester area who were either homeless or hungry – or both. My old lady never turned them away. When a previously healthy Sam died it did make me wonder .. …


    • The thing is Laird. After owning dogs all my life and NOT being very fond of feline’s. It has bewildered me that one can become so fond of a cat, after disliking them for so long. That makes “me” wonder…
      I guess it is just the instinct to “care” for something or someone ! I could never live with another human in the house. But an animal, well that’s different. They don’t have mad monthly maelstroms.


  5. Oh Kenny, I am sorry, it is awful to lose an animal that you’ve cared for at the best of times, but in Twiggy’s case, all the more poignant as you’d nurtured her and brought her back to health, You must feel comfort in knowing that you made her last time on earth a much happier place. Be at peace.


    • You have given me an idea Arlene. To give an old dog a loving caring home for the remainder of it’s life. Yes I know people do that. Mmmmm Well it was just a thought !!!
      Peace to you Arlene.


  6. I am so sorry. Poor Twiggy. It sounds as if she had had quite a hard life – but at least she found you to give her some care and comfort in her last months. I’m sure she’ll be waiting for you at the Bridge, TOGETHER with dear Cherno.


  7. Hello dear Kenny. Very sorry to hear this. Twiggy found the right person to care for and comfort. And vice versa.


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