The bell.


I would like to tell you a little story about something what happened at the weekend.
Some years ago I placed a iron bell outside my back door next to my window. It is 2 feet above where i sit, when weather is suitable. Hanging from the bell is a white cord that I use to ring it. Don’t ask me why I ring it, because I don’t know why. Just for the hell of it I guess. Saying to the world, “hey”, you out there, I’m here !!!



About 9 pm. I was on the sofa watching tv. It was windy that night, but nothing serious. When suddenly the bell “pinged”, once. “Never” have I heard that bell do that before. I came to the conclusion  that it could only have been a cat jumping up at the cord, as it must have been swaying in the wind. This could have attracted a cat in a playful mood.  Apart from a human hand I can think of no other explanation for that one “ping”  !!!!

24 hours later, Twiggy lay lifeless at my feet.

 Would we weep for the death of a flower, would we fall to our knees for the death of a fly. Would our head hang in sorrow at a critical hour, when 9 lives are lost and a bell tolls goodbye.

********* photo DIVIDERPURPLEPEARL.gif*********

16 responses to “The bell.

  1. Spooky and wonderful.


  2. Do not ask for whom the bell tolls……. not don’t think about the rest, just my dark humour. take care Kenny on this cold miserable weather.


  3. How strange…some kind of warning…


  4. Yes Kenny thats the one my friend, I see Eric as clear as can be…. Well someday as they say Kenny, all will make its self clear to you.. And when that day does dawn you my friend will smile as you remember She who walked in dreams! 🙂 😉 X


  5. That is very interesting Kenny!


  6. His last farewell , stay strong!

    Susan x


  7. Hi Kenny thank you for sharing……… For whom the Bell tolls! reminds me of that wonderful picture you once upon a time posted of your first GS dog in the flames of that fire….
    We are being given various ‘Signs’ all the time Kenny, …

    And maybe! just maybe you are beginning to Question!….

    Love to you my great friend 🙂


    • This picture you mean. My hackles rise when I look at this picture sometimes.

      “signs”… Mmmm I see many signs, but i don’t attribute them to any specific event that has happened or is about to happen. But “Eric in the fire” Is an exception and also a delicious coincidence.
      No Sue, I am not questioning my own life long held beliefs or doubting yours.
      and love to you Sue. You who walks in dreams. x


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