Dog Attacks.


Worst place in England for dog attacks is Wakefield in Yorkshire
14 Apr 2013 00:00
NHS data shows that ­Wakefield District Primary Care Trust in Yorkshire had 115 ­admissions to casualty for dog attacks during 2011-12

The worst place in England for dog attacks is the town where a baby was mauled to death by a rottweiler.

NHS data uncovered by the Sunday Mirror shows that ­Wakefield District Primary Care Trust in Yorkshire had 115 ­admissions to casualty for dog attacks during 2011-12.

That figure is up by 25 on the previous year’s 90 admissions, and works out at 35 visits per 100,000 people… more than anywhere else in the country.

In 2007 one-year-old Archie-Lee Hirst was ­attacked by a rottweiler at his grandmother’s house in Wakefield while his ­teenage aunt was babysitting.

Kara Hirst, 16 at the time, was also looking after her two younger sisters, aged six and seven. The huge 10-stone dog, snatched baby Archie-Lee from the seven-year-old’s arms as she carried him to the back door.

Kara tried in vain to fight the dog off and save her nephew but he later died in hospital. The dog was shot dead by a police marksman.

Only last month 14-year-old Jade Anderson, from Wigan was killed by four crazed dogs… and Wigan Primary Care Trust (PCT) is another area that’s seen a rise in the number of people admitted to hospital after dog attacks. In 2010-11 there were 57 admissions, rising to 65 one year on. That works out at 20 admissions per 100,000 people.




A close second in the “Worst 10” list is Middlesbrough in the North-East, with 34 assaults per 100,000 people in 2011-12.

Only last month the Sunday Mirror revealed the shocking story of how a man from the Grove Hill estate in Middlesbrough let his ­grandchildren play with his Staffordshire bull terrier even though he’d had to have a ­rottweiler put down after it bit one of them.

Andy Mills, 52, said of the Staffie: “This dog has killed two cats but she’s good with kids.”   “Bloody idiot”

The area with the most total admissions for dog attacks is Leeds PCT, with 173 in 2011-12, working out at 23 admissions for every 100,000 people.

A total of 14 PCTs out of 151 in England reported higher rates than 20 per 100,000.

The data was collected by the Health and Social Care Information Centre from every PCT in the country.

London and the south ­reported the fewest hospital admissions and the lowest rates of admission per 100,000.

Kingston in South West ­London and the Isle of Wight both had just six ­admissions last year – four per 100,000.

An RSPCA spokesman said: “The RSPCA has argued for many years that England’s current dog control legislation is flawed and needs urgent reform.

“The key is not to demonise breeds, but to focus on the ­actions of irresponsible owners. We want to see measures introduced that proactively attempt to prevent incidents.”

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8 responses to “Dog Attacks.

  1. Yes Kenny its appalling the statistics here… And I agree with Wolfie.. Its not just the Dog to blame but the people who are irresponsible in their methods of training and handling their dogs.. So many centres are receiving ill treated animals, It beggars belief as to how cruel we are as a species not only to our animal kingdom but to each other as well…
    A topical post Kenny… One I wish were not so commonplace.. xx Sue


    • I think before a person is allowed to “own” a dog, they must first pass a test to decide if they are capable of handling a dog and knowledgeable enough about the care and upkeep of dogs. Dogs are dangerous like “cars” and a strict test of the prospective owner of a dog, should be compulsive. Well it is just a thought !!!


  2. These are dreadful statistics, and I have to agree with the Timid one (who doesn’t sound too timid). Breeding is a BIG part of a dog’s personality. And humans don’t step up to behave with good sense. I went to a picnic for collie rescue. These dogs had all been neglected at best and some treated much worse. You could approach, touch, kiss. I thought to myself, “Just try kissing at a German Shepard rescue picnic.” And I know you love(d) your Cherno; but we have friends with one who bites everybody. Dogs, like children, generally do what people expect of them. Oh, that just slipped out.


    • Don’t worry about Timid one, her bark is worse than her bite. Unless you stand on her tail 🙂 May I suggest that you tell your friend to have that dog of their’s destroyed. I never “expected” Cherno or any other dog I have owned to bite. But your friends dog sounds like a very nasty dog indeed. Don’t think I would want to own such a dog. But guess they make excuses for him/her which is the last thing to do with a vicious animal. Guess they just love him/her so much they can’t bring themselves to letting him/her go.


  3. Good topical post Kenny, and I will reply tomorrow, as I am otherwise engaged tonight.


  4. How much time do we have to deal with irresponsible dog owners? All the time we tread softly softly, pat them on the head etc etc more dogs are turning vicious and more innocent individuals are paying the price. And at what point do we stop treating breeds originally bred as fighting dogs as pampered pooches who are really big softies at heart and could never put a paw wrong or act on their natural instincts if it wasn’t purely the fault of the big bad humans? Of course the big bad humans have a huge amount to answer for but none of that changes what a lot of these breeds are – fighting dogs. A trait carried down through endless generations. Bad breeding doesn’t help but it’s not the be all and end all of the situation either. These breeds are hardly the ideal choice for pets and neither are they suitable as working dogs. The kind of people who own them should never have been allowed to own a dog in the 1st place and the dog owners who are capable and responsible know better than to take on a dog of this breeding with the odd exceptions involving experienced handlers in controlled situations. And they’re usually rescuing them from bad owners…so! What exactly is the purpose of keeping these breeds going? No dog is 100% safe but not all dogs are bred for such aggressive traits either. It’s not about demonising the breed it’s about facing the realties and sometimes the head has to rule the heart.
    So says Timid one 🙂


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