North Korea.


I have always viewed North Korea with  suspicion. That brutal regime is a brooding menace , just waiting to explode  like a volcanic eruption. Fracturing what little peace we have here on Earth. Billions of pounds spent on becoming an illegal nuclear power, while it’s minions scratch an existence among the dust.

Is “Kim Jong Un”  a loose cannon or is he just flexing the muscles of his new found power.  No man in possession of all his faculties , would/could “press the button”. But what if he is in fact unstable , with a desire to go down in history as the craziest of them all.

Beware the young gun, “volant”


Kim Jong Un,

The North Korean leader, Kim Jong-un, signing papers to ratify a strike against the US and its bases in the Pacific this week. Photograph: ZUMA / Rex Features

North Korea’s latest threat to rain missiles on the US, with maps showing flight paths across the Pacific, and leader Kim Jong-un signing orders at a midnight meeting, raises even more pointedly the question that the past month of ever more feverish menaces has already posed. Namely: are they serious? Do they mean it? Could a Korean Armageddon really happen?

“I believe it can”

The above was posted 4 years ago and I have not changed my mind

10 responses to “North Korea.

  1. Seems that you have been busy in my absence of email alerts as I turned them off for a while As I was just getting inundated with every ones posting every day!…

    Yes- nothing like a war to get nations out of a recession! is there Kenny!…. and God forbid we can think we are getting on peacefully… We all need to be kept in Fear and suspicion of one another..

    This world will follow the same patterns it always has Kenny, and we each know in which way its heading and it isnt for Peace!… No money to be made in Peace now is there.. Far better prospects in war and weaponry… and it kills of the population to boot.. so cures another problem of over population and how to feed the masses in the future or give them a decent pension!.. Arrgh could say a lot, but I wont.. except to say one of my ‘Visions’ years ago showed me such events unfurling… with chaos in many nations … We have had a few decades of Peace within our Nation Kenny, lets make the most of peaceful times!.. For Change is coming thats for sure! .. And I know I always like to be optimistic.. But I live in the Real! world too..

    Love and Light
    Sue x


    • As ever Sue, your words ring out across the expanse that is w/p and beyond, loud and as clear as a bell.

      I was born in 1949 and I consider myself very lucky to have lived this long, without been asked or told to go to the front and kill people. That is six decades of “world” Peace. I wish it could be eternal Sue, but to elude “WAR” is as impossible as a bird passing through a glass window. All forms of life “fights” for it’s right to exist.
      That includes this low life of a regime.
      Love and light to you also Sue x


  2. I can only be flippant and say he looks like a teddy bear, and I like his haircut. Otherwise I would be shaking in my shoes. Truly a scary guy.


  3. The trouble is this man is so young , has been brainwashed and believes his own publicity! I would love to see these people set free!



  4. They want the world to believe it can. But then so does every country with nuclear capabilities. Otherwise there’d be no point and they’d be no deterrent. Clearly they aren’t anyway in the case of N Korea. But then again what makes any other country possessing of nuclear weapons and claiming to be willing to use them in time of need any better than they consider N Korea? N-weapons in anyone’s hands in any country in the world are a N-Armegeddon waiting to happen.

    “He who has the knowledge has the power…” So perhaps we should be preparing to say “Forgive them…for they know not what they do…”

    Timid one…Howling in the Land of Wolves


    • Will he or won’t he. That is the question on everyone’s lips. Well it “is” possible that he could, but I think N Korea’s main intention, is to blackmail the World into making aid available to the N. Koreans. “your money or your life” scenario !!! We pay N. Korea not to bomb us, “Danegeld” springs to mind.
      I think we should be preparing for an execution.
      Kenny2dogs howling in the land of dreams.


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