BIRDS , when they catch sight of me through the window, SEEM NOT TO BE CONCERNED. But  should  I venture out. they scatter like, well, pigeons I guess.  It suggests  that they are somehow aware, that I can not harm them from behind the glass.  ti’s As if they “know ” it is I who is caged and pose no problem. tHE LITTLE BIRDS ARE AWARE THAT i can not pass through the IMPENETRABLE wall of glass.  

oddly though, some birds  foolishly attempt to pass through the window. 

 I HAVE HEARD THAT SOUND OF A BIRD THUMPING INTO MY WINDOW MANY TIMES. completely oblivious to the danger, they make the biggest mistake of theIR OH SO BRIEF lives.


Sparrow Hawk (Accipiter nisus)

Sparrow Hawk (Accipiter nisus) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

PANIC STRICKEN, may be THEY FORGET ABOUT THE PERIL AHEAD AND A broken neck always the cause of death. 

so i am thinking now, if you know something  is IMPENETRABLE. WHY TRY FLYING THROUGH IT. beats me  :/  may be that is why i am running into brick walls of late.  




  1.  Blackbird.  “Nesting”
  2. Thrush.
  3. Robin.          “Nesting”
  4. Dunnock.      “Nesting”
  5. Wood pigeon.  “Nested”
  6. Magpie.
  7. Crow.
  8. Tits.
  9. Sparrow Hawk.
  10. Starling.
  11. Wren.     Nested.
  12. Snow Bunting.
  13. Fairies   
  • Kenny  🙂


12 responses to “THE IMPENETRABLE .

  1. Lovely to see all the birds that gather in your garden! they are a great entertainment but what about those fairies? Nesting??

    Susan x


  2. I think often its the reflection of the sky they see Kenny as they mistake the glass for open space.. We have had several birds fly into our patio window until we put up vertical blinds.. Now they can see its solid .. 🙂
    Glad to see you have some Fairies at the the bottom of your garden also Kenny! :-)… So do I… 🙂


    • I believe the reason why birds fly into my window, is the fact that i have two windows in my living room. Both face each other, so the birds can see directly through my room and out the other side. Fooling them into believing they can fly strait through. “SO”, what hapend to the birds knowledge, that it is impossible to fly through a solid object. Obviously it is an aquried knowledge and not instinctual. Some are just slow to learn I guess and some “never” learn. Even adult Blackbirds have crushed their big orange mandibles as they crashed into the impenetrable.


  3. Hello, dear Kenneth. There are some things to do to stop this hitting of windows: strips or decals on the window, screens tucked up to or affixed to the window, chairs, lamps etc. placed in front of the window, partially closing blinds or curtains, anything to make windows look less like open air.


    • But I enjoy looking out the window sometimes and I do not like the idea of having anything spoiling my view.
      Some fall on stony ground ! Tough I know and it saddens me to hear that sickening thud on the window. But ain’t that just Nature !


  4. Please stop running into walls He who runs faster than the wind! At that speed it must be very painful 😀
    I should imagine your activities are very entertaining for the nesting birdlife though! 🙂 Timid one…scratching head curiously!


  5. Lovely to see all the birds you have in your garden Kenny and those nesting too – just wonderful. Spring has sprung here now and the daffs, hyacinths and some tulips are out. The goldfinches are visiting too now – a great sign! Take good care 🙂


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