Wolf 1


9 responses to “Wolf.

  1. Amen to that Kenny! 😉



  2. I so hope so Kenny!……. The Wolf is so misunderstood and we have messed up the whole eco system as we have now with the Deer…
    The WAKE UP Call is long overdue for everyone!


  3. Me Too Kenny, hope springs eternal so they say… and Monica’s words are so, so true… Let us wake up, all of us…before it’s far too late… xPenx


    • One day the powers that be, shall wake up to the idea that it is time to clean up their act. Just hope it will not be too late. Even with Natures amazing powers of recovery, she may find it somewhat difficult to recover from mans crazy assaults, upon her delicately balanced evolutionary progress.
      I am no scaremonger, but this merry go round of life began with a “big bang” and it could all end for man with another big bang !!! Unless as my dear friend Monica say’s ” We all wake up ”
      Be well Pen.
      Kenny x


  4. Lovely wolf 😉 Hopefully we will come to our senses before he/she is gone and it is too late 🙂


  5. No Kenny, I can’t – won’t – believe it will come to that. Here’s a quote I read last night in Sinclair Lewis’ “KIngsblood Royal”:
    …in the hope, eternal among radicals…that God would awaken in the next three or four months and see what His children on earth were doing…
    So hurry up and wake up!


    • No perhaps it won’t come to that Monica. Oh yes I am full of “hope” for the future, because there is where I am going to live. What ever coarse life takes, be you radical right or radical left, or be you sitting on the fence. We must wake up to reality, that hygiene for the preservation of our own health. Should and MUST be NO: 1. on mans list of priorities. Failure to do so, is a catastrophic misjudgment of the highest order. Quiet now
      , don’t waken god, he causes enough damage when he is asleep 🙂


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