My little Rabbit !!!

1961-   I remember this been taken by my first girl friend. 

me  1961

My Little Rabbit.

That was over half a century ago. A time of discovery, learning and adventure. But oh how “The sword of life swings with a terrible swiftness”

Now in  2013        I am sat here  wondering just where my life has gone, in a flash it seems.


I would now like to introduce to you,  the very black and very young


Elvis. 15th 06  13 049

9 weeks old and full of beans.

Elvis. 15th 06  13 056


Elvis. 15th 06  13 072

Elvis was named by a friend who is a fan of Elvis Presley. I think it is a good name and when he is older I may buy him a blingy collar.   HU HU O YEA !!!


Now for something “not” so pleasant.

Every day almost, we hear about some poor girl has been sexually assaulted, raped, Kidnapped or  killed.   They naturally disturb US  and we wonder how could a person do that to a helpless child. It disgusts us and  sickens us to the very core. It is a crime that sends shivers down my spine and fuming with anger at these FILTHY ANIMALS. 

I am perfectly aware that this is a most DISTRESSFUL subject to talk about. But I get so enraged and feel I need to express my sadness and anger . When I read about “Asian muslim gangs” cruising the streets in their taxis  at night, looking for vulnerable young “white” girls.  First they befriend them and brainwash them into believing ,that these DISGUSTING animals are in love with them. They spend money on the  INNOCENT young girls . These  inhuman bags of scum , then ply the girls with alcohol and class “a” drugs, until they lose their reality. 

The now MENTALLY enslaved girls are beaten and tortured into agreeing to prostitute themselves, with their “owners” friends.

 There exists a network of taxi firms all across the country and it is obvious to me that this terrible crime is being played out everyday,  “now”,  in “your” town or city.  This is not just a one off group of perverts with a MONOPOLY, no, it is systemic through out the entire land.

musilms paying over £500 to beat and rape 12 year old white English girls.

A 12 year old girl forced to have an abortion.  Another girl “branded” with white hot wire. THREATENED with  decapitation.

Girl  said she was 12 when told her brother would be burned alive. She told the jury she was raped by “hundreds of men, ” 99.5%”  of them Asian”.

This has been happening for  decades and what have the authorities done, “NOTHING”  and why… because it smacks of “racism”   “OH NO”  we don’t want to get involved with that stuff do we.  So these “gangs” have been allowed to continue with their outrageous activities. The time has come to root out these evil bastards and the idiots who have allowed it to CONTINUE.



16 responses to “My little Rabbit !!!

  1. Black and white, then and now, both lovely. Glad you have Elvis to take care of and vice versa. Painful to hear about the gangs.


  2. Aww Kenny! Elvis is adorable!!! I am utterly and hopelessly in love 🙂 Even more so because he looks just like my own cat at that age – sadly he did a runner 2 yrs later when we moved house and never returned but Elvis has that same cheeky, mischevious look about him and I imagine just as much of a character 🙂 I hope we’re going to see lots of update pics about beautiful little kit! In fact I demand updates!! Frequent ones! I’d be very happy to look at that loveable, cheeky little kit face every day thank you 🙂
    Besotted Timid one! x


    • “OH” yes Timid one there shall be regular updates on Elvis’s progress. At present he is learning to navigate around the house at a 100 miles an hour lol One minuet he is sat purring on my knee, the next he is in my bedroom fighting my dream catcher. Elvis is the first cat to enter this house ( apart from poor Twiggy) so all this manic behavior is new to me, but hilarious.
      I hope all goes well for Elvis, so i intend to buy him a “good luck charm ” to hang from his collar 🙂 Amazing how life can change so quickly ! This time last year it was ” Cherno the Fearless” and now, it is “Elvis the hilarious” lol


  3. Hi Cus

    trust your keeping well! i hate what the world has become Kenneth but what can we do other than take our children under our wings (parents) and start being parents as we used to be, however the world has changed and mums don’t stay home any more work, most of them so how can they build a meaing ful relationship with there children so they grow up wild so to speak, young girls are out at some ungodly hours of the night, my father used to say to us your up to no good staying out after dark ! i now understand what he meant by that>>>

    love the pussycat!


    Date: Mon, 17 Jun 2013 18:59:35 +0000 To:


    • Hi Cus
      I always thought there was something of the night about “you” lol
      But what you have written is quite true.
      Elsie was my favorite Aunt.
      take care Joan.
      Australia… Mmmmm. One never knows 🙂


  4. – The past is a history,
    – The future is a mystery,
    – Today is a gift,- Have a nice day.
    – Hugs Nicki…


  5. My thought when reading about ‘social workers’ is many are married with their own children! Many appear to treat ‘clients’ with contempt rather than ‘professional’ understanding. The point about the children’s parents is well made. If being labelled a racist for echoing your comments then it is a label I have worn since the 1960’s when the dangers of uncontrolled immigration were spelt out by Enoch Powell. He was ostracised for his views but what he foretold has now sadly come to pass!


    • spot on Laird “professional understanding” and compassion !! plus the same respect that we show to our own children, should and must be shown to these disadvantaged waifs. It is not their fault that society more or less has turned it’s back on them. “OH” they are just more trouble than they are worth, let’s send them to the other side of the country so they can worry about them there. Is that the way to “PROTECT” vulnerable kids.

      If they had listened to Enoch instead of packing him off to Ireland, the children I am talking about would be a whole lot safer. They allowed the asian influx to happen, just as they allowed Ash die back to enter Britain. They saw it coming years ago as it spread across Europe and yet did not prepare for it’s inevitable entry into Britain. They even “imported infected saplings” into the country. Now how smart is that.


  6. Lovely photo of you as a young ‘un, Kenny, and of course your beautiful puddy tat Elvis. He’s a sweeti. Now to the disgusting, depraved Asian filth who call themselves human beings, they may walk on two feet but that’s the only similarity to humans. They are scum as you say and need dealing with in the most severest way possible. Their attitude to young vulnerable girls is simply depraved, but where are the families of these young girls? Where is the support group to teach them how to keep away from these animals? I despair I truly do. I hope and pray that the authorities wake up and deal with this despicable situation. Racism is not a card to be used, a get of of jail free card, they are the racists, against young vulnerable white girls who are looking for love and find instead they’re treated as a sexual commodity. I agree totally with you, this evil must be rootred out. xPenx


    • Sending these naive and vulnerable young girls, to hostels and the like in different towns and cities miles from there home. Is like casting them directly into the perverts arms. These young girls are lost in a world unknown to them. Friendless, lonely and frightened with nothing to do but walk the streets.

      They are sitting ducks for all types of predator and the authorities who are supposed to be providing “care”, are failing these poor kids every day and in every way. These people are just as guilty as the asian scum that prey on these helpless ones. They are making a good living out of throwing young kids to the “Tigers”.

      “Social workers” yea right !!!


  7. I keep wondering though – where are their parents in all this?


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