Respect .

 I am a none believer.  But if believing that Nature is at the very core  of life and is supreme.  then I “am” a believer. I put my” faith” in Nature,  she is my God.  I harbor no ill feelings toward those who choose the black book as a staff. It is their right of choice and I hope they live a better life because of it.  But just why some choose to ignore the all so obvious truth that Darwin placed before them, is beyond me.

However, this video is for the people who believe in MIRACLEs .  Just showing some respect !

7 responses to “Respect .

  1. Respect costs nothing Kenny, and respecting each other along with our animal kingdom is for me a way of being… No black book can tell us.. And there are many things in that black book which man wrote not any supreme creator… Although I respect those who wish to believe in its every word.. For that is their choice…
    My choice is to know we are all equal that we are here to experience and that there are Universal Laws that apply to us all, regardless of creed, or colour, or culture..

    We all need reminding of the need to respect each other and nature Kenny… Thank you for this post


  2. Couldn’t agree with you more Kenny



  3. Mutual respect whatever anyone’s belief, Kenny, and whatever helps anyone get through their life, belief in anything be it nature, earth mother, god on high, gives meaning to life and all it has to offer. xx


    • Quite true Pen, If you have no “respect” then you ain’t got jack !!! ” I may not agree with some peoples idea of how life came about. But I back them up to the hilt for there “right” to express it. I just don’t wish to be blown to pieces for my own beliefs.


  4. God and nature walk hand in hand…without God there would be no nature…nature is God’s handiwork…even believers in a church setting like to step outside the confines of the walls of the church building and hold open-air services, where possible out in the heart of nature, in the fields and valleys, the hills and mountains…being close to God’s creation, nature brings a sense of being closer to God and reminds of his greatness…that is a time when “How Great Thou Art” really hits home, as the beauty and power of nature enfolds…and embraces…. 🙂

    The same sensation and sense of respect and awe occurs when a Europan Icewolf pauses to take in the beauty of the Jovian homeworld and soak up the power of the stars 🙂

    Timid one 🙂


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