Elvis and the fly.


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12 responses to “Elvis and the fly.

  1. OOooh lovely you have another little bundle of joy.. or should that be mischief LOL…. love the name too.. 🙂


  2. Definitely a cat’s eye view of that enormous fly! The animated world is such an exciting place when you’re a growing kit bursting with enthusiasm and vitality 🙂 I suspect Elvis will have very fine hunting skills… on par with Timid one’s even! With claws of the feline variety he would make a wonderful addition to the hunt when he grows up, and I imagine he will give the pups in the pack a good run for their supper too 😉 I don’t think he will be in the least bit phazed by a pack of ice wolves many times his size either!!
    Timid one…Elvis’s no.1 Icewolf fan 😉


    • Perspective has something to do with that “enormous Fly” as I am sure you are fully aware 🙂
      “Ahhh yes” the impetuosity and curiosity of youth. Elvis has investigated every inch of the house, beside the mantle piece. Guess I shall have to find a safer place for the Myson porcelain to live.

      Hi Timid one, this is Elvis typing.
      My hunting skills are developing nicely, in fact I caught a house fly today. My first one “YEEEESSSSSssss” Do you “really” think I would make a “wonderful addition” to the illustrious and all powerful ICE WOLF PACK. “WOW” that would be out of this world !!! Can’t wait to grow up now 🙂


      • Give it time Kenny…lol it will not be long before Elvis discovers the art of negotiating the mantlepiece…usually in the most precarious way possible lol…your Musing porcelain will need nerves of steel when tiny kit paws finally start padding their way and a mischevious tail starts flicking 😉

        Wow! Congratulations Elvis! Your first catch! You’re a hero 🙂 I hoooOoOOOwwwWWWWLLLLLed this awesome news at the New Moon hunt…we Re very impressed by your skill and expertise and at such a tender young age too! We are very excited about the prospect of having you join the Pack when you come of age young Elvis! I think you will give pups and adults alike in the Pack a fine run for their money so to speak 😀 Now…quick!! There’s a mouse over there!! Lol 😉 Timid one x


        • Ho yes Timid one, I am all too aware of what is to come from the “black assassin” and his flicking tail 🙂

          Hi Timid one. Elvis here.
          Well I chased that Mouse, but it ran down a little hole. But I am not leaving until the little blighter comes back out again. I SHALL catch it, even if i have to wait here until the cows come home 🙂 “MEOHOWWWWWWWWWLLLLL” Just practicing my Catwolf cry !!!! lol


          • Certainly Kenny the flicking tail torture to be afflicted on you lol will be agonisingly sweet!!

            Elvis!! That was the most amazing catwolf cry ever! I do hope you have been sharing your talent with Kenny…he will love to wake up and go to sleep to your serenading call 😉 It may take him some time to appreciate the finer points of your fantastic vocalisation but if you give him your most adoring look and flick that tail of yours dangerously close to the items on the mantlepeace lol he won’t be able to resist you!


            • “agonizingly sweet” is that a good thing, i don’t know !!!

              Hi Timid one. Oh yes kenny’s ear’s are having a good old blasting from my catwolf call. But he hears a lot of my purring too. 🙂


  3. Elvis is such a sweet thing Kenny!! That fly is a bit scary though 🙂 I’ve been missing your blog posts – how are things going up there in the North? Ruth 🙂


    • Hi Ruth, All is well up here and I hope all is well down there. Who would have thought it..me with a cat. But yes he is a cheeky chirpy little fellow. Friendly and showing promise of keeping me amused for years to come. 🙂


  4. eyes honed in on their target, Elvis takes his time, and… do we think he misses? 🙂 xx


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