Out for a stroll in town today with my first x wife.



Still friendly, still beautiful and still crazy after all these years. Just why the hell i swapped her for a swede, is completely beyond me.  But  “hey”   i do it my way.


10 responses to “Tina.

  1. I really like this post! Being friendly after a divorce is the best way to respect what you had as a couple. I applaud you both for being this way!


    • It amazes me the amount of women that are murdered by their vindictive x husbands or boy friends.
      What is in their heads, certainly not common sense. Their brains must be controlled by a devilish power… JEALOUSY and “REVENGE” When these two scalliwags kick in, the fool is lost. But I tie my knots off neatly, just in case i come back to undo them 🙂

      Yes Peace is the word Karen and I wish you all the peace you need.


  2. PS love the flowers in her hair 😉


  3. You must have married her when she was 4 years old! 😉 We don’t appreciate what we have till we lose it! Good that you are still friends

    Susan x


    • Tina is in the business of beautification, so she knows how to cover up a multitude of sins.
      yep, we don’t know what we have got, until it is gone. “I know that only too well”.
      It is nice when people can still be friends after a mutually agreed divorce. No bitterness, so civilized. xx


  4. A very pretty lady 🙂


  5. your first ex-wife – that has a ring to it! Strum to your own drummer, you do.


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