Just a thought.

It is a phrase often used by Lesbians  ” In time, men shall become “un”necessary  for the securance and advancement of the Human Race “  However were men “and” women necessary in the first place.

Why “oh” Why did Mother Nature choose to take the evolutionary path that she has, to create a “sexual”multicellular organism, “The  Human”,  (male and female.)  Mother Nature could have chosen the” asexual” rout along our evolutionary journey.  For some reason she thought that the present rout would be more successful  than any other. She is probably correct in her decision… Nature knows best  !!!    The current hypotheses  suggest that asexual reproduction may have short term benefits while rapid population growth is important.   However, I wonder what life would be like if the Human Race “had” evolved as “asexual”

Imagine the benefits, if we were in fact a asexual species.  The population of Earth would be halved, wiping out the likes of famine. When the natives are well fed they are happy, so reducing the risk of wars and ensuring  enduring periods of peace.   No sexualy transmitted diseases, such as “Aids”  No arguing with the other half, as there is no other half, it is inside you. This would make for a more harmonious existence. There must be many more benefits being asexual, however Nature saw the downside of this , which is , the population growth of the “sexual” Human, would be far superior to that of the asexual Human.    

There is however, another downside to being asexual,  that is, sex between man and woman does not exist. It is not necessary nor in fact possible.   Mmmm… this begs the question. Would you prefer to be “asexual” living in peace and harmony, or as you are now, a “sexual” Human being, living in Hell  ?   

Just a thought  !!!


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