A pop at reality TV.





Reality television has faced significant criticism since its rise in popularity. Much of the criticism has centered around the use of the word “reality”, and such shows’ attempt to present themselves as a straightforward recounting of events that have occurred.

Critics have argued that reality television shows do not present reality in ways both implicit (participants being placed in artificial situations) and deceptive or even “fraudulent”, such as misleading editing, participants being coached in what to say or how to behave, storylines generated ahead of time, and scenes being staged or re-staged for the cameras.

Other criticisms of reality television shows include that they are intended to humiliate or exploit participants (particularly on competition shows), that they make “celebrities” out of “untalented people” who do “not” deserve fame, and that they glamorize vulgarity and materialism.


IN MY REALITY, I shall never understand how “some” people can sit and watch complete, “unreal” and utter garbage such as reality TV.  But that is only my personal opinion of course  !!!


 Turn off your tv’s , vacate your sofa’s and discover your “own” reality.


8 responses to “A pop at reality TV.

  1. Oh dear Kenny, you do make me feel guilty, but I refuse, I don’t like ‘the jungle thing’ nor celebrity this that or the other, I watched a bit of the Celebrity Mastermind the other evening and was appalled at the lack of intelligence, I enjoy Strictly because I admire these people who may never have danced a step end up entertaining me with their new found skill, I like a good debate and quite enjoy Antiques road show, Nature progs [David Attenburgh, Autumn/Springwatch, BBC news, can’t abide Easy enders Vannessa and many others, you see despite what you think I am choosy what I watch, no daytime and am in bed by about ten, I paint, make cards and do a bit of surfing, take my dog out twice daily and garden daily in Summer, and I like a good book TV is a nice relaxation , for about three to four hours, BUT if I don’t see anything that takes my fancy I listen to BBC Radio 4. Happy New Year, and a lovely talking point XX


    • I am aware you are a creative person a little like myself but there the similarity ends Arlene. We have different tastes and ideas, to what constitutes as “entertainment” But it is lovely to hear your opinion on the subject, which I can fully respect.
      Take care Arlene xx


  2. Personally I hate the Britcop/Emergency Ward type tat – I don’t want to pay TV licence fees for something I can see simply by strolling down the street on Saturday night. I lived for several years without a TV and to be honest so far I can’t see that I’ve missed much.


  3. Me either Kenny Much better things to do with my time, like read your blog 🙂 Happy New Year to you 🙂


    • and “time” our time and what we do with it is a personal thing. some simply waste theirs others put it to good use, they are the “winners” !!! I like the way you spend “your” time Sue 🙂
      Happy new year to you also Sue. 🙂


  4. Oh dear Kenny, I do understand what you’re saying but maybe more should take these shows with a pinch of salt, I used to be a bit ‘taken in’ by them and thought they were real, till I gradually found out in various ways that they were often scripted, BUT, I now just take them as they are, i love Strictly and Bake off, though I could never let myself be exploited on tv and I’m anything but a shy shrinking violet, just a bit of self respect and natural modesty, so just sit back and enjoy Kenny, and think well, rather them than me. Take care XX and HAppy New Year.


    • Our time on Earth is so so fleetingly short Arlene that I find it impossible to understand why “some” should “waste” it glued to a tv screen watching the likes of “Vanessa feltz” ( who’s own tv show was axed some years ago for cheating the public by using actors instead of “real” people in supposedly “real” situations )

      No Arlene, I have absorbed quite a sufficient amount of salt in my life thank you. Sit back and enjoy what !! a pack of has been’s, want’s to be’s and nobodies showing us how to suck eggs ! It has nothing to do with cooking, dancing or anything else. It is a simple act of trying to create ” tv. personalities ” out of talentless people. strictly is all about great exposure for the judges. The participants after the show are never heard from again. Until they appear in another bloody reality show. We pay our licence fee and they spend it on airing garbage like that jungle thing.
      Do yourself a favour Arlene… throw your tv. out and buy a parrot, you will have a far far better quality of life. Blue and yellow Macaws are my favourite. Lovely personalities and by far “more” intelligent than the personalities on tv.

      Watched “celebrity Mastermind” the other night. Now the general knowledge segment really exposes the truth about these supposedly super interesting people. “yea right”
      And a very happy new year to you Arlene, you interesting person you 🙂 xx


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