Dicing with death !




Sugar has become as dangerous as alcohol or tobacco, academics have said as they call on the food industry to cut 30 per cent from processed in Britons’ cupboards.

Health experts claim the reduction could shave 100 calories from each person’s daily intake and reverse the UK’s growing obesity epidemic.

Later a group of health experts and academics come together to launch ‘Action on Sugar’, a campaign which is calling on the food producers to dramatically reduce levels of sugar in everyday products.

They are also asking companies to stop advertising sugary drinks and snacks to children claiming sugar has become ‘the alcohol of childhood.’

And they are calling on the government to fine those who do not meet reduction targets or impose a Sugar Tax.




It is no wonder that diabetes is so rampant among the population. This article will leave a sour taste in the mouths of  Tate and Lyle and other sugar companies  !!!   I have had a sweet tooth all my life and now I have diabetes type 2.




Have a wonderful and sugar free weekend   !!!

Kenny .

16 responses to “Dicing with death !

  1. Good to know this problem is being pursued in the UK. Luckily I’m not a big fan of sugar. I’ve stopped smoking and cut down on wine too. Egads, I’m boring. 🙂


    • “Boring” never !!! You are a very interesting person with a great blog. But yes i understand about your reduction in your consumption of wine. But when you are in good company sitting around a table, set with wonderful food, it is very difficult to toast the host with a glass of Perrier Water.
      So the wine begins to flow and before you know it, you are laid in bed the next morning wishing you were dead. I have been there and I do not miss it not in the slightest.
      However, you have succeeded in being done with the demon that is tobacco, which I have failed to achieve “yet”.
      Just a thought, But both sugar and tobacco was introduced into the English way of life from (yes you guessed it) America. But I forgive them 🙂

      No “not” boring Peggy !!! 🙂 x


  2. I mostly use sweetners now but that was more for the benefit of healthy fangs lol 😉 I am however guilty of the intake of sugar in those lovely Costa coffees such as the one I slurped my way through to survive the great freeze inflicted on us for 2hrs of delays at Wimbledon railway station yesterday! I’m also guilty of several varieties of tempting cakes today after a good soaking walking all the way to Morrissons supermarket to get the shopping 🙂 An Icewolf needs her due rewards! 🙂
    Timid one 🙂 x


    • I use sweeteners also Timid One, two at a time. Trying to cut back to one but failing miserably . But yes we can not avoid sugar all together, as the kind producers of our food will insist on adding copious amounts of the dreaded stuff in it. Hope you took a taxi home from morrison, those Bison legs are extremely heavy 🙂 x


  3. Hmmm. There’s always got to be a scapegoat, something to howl about and pursue. I was watching an archaeological autopsy a while back and the interviewer commented on the state of the deceased teeth and that they were clearly pre-sugar. They proceeded to touch briefly on sugar damage and while neither I nor they condoned consumption of excess amounts of sugar the interviewee did point out that with a common life expectancy practically double that of the subject for much of the population nowadays a higher amount of wear and tear was only to be expected.
    Also where weight gain is concerned we tend to gloss over the fact that contraceptive implants, steroid treatments for asthma etc also make a contribution to weight gain.
    I’m not defending the sugar industry but there isn’t one story here there are many and every case is different.


    • I hear you Sarah… and yes the longer we live the more the teeth suffer naturally. However, The introduction of sugar to our diet has had the same effect on our bodies as tobacco, it kills people. I often wonder what it would be like to live in centuries past, a romantic notion. But then I think of “toothache” and how they dealt with it and I am so pleased to be living in the now 🙂


  4. Great informative Post Kenny, Yes and Sugar feeds Cancers too… so we should be looking to reduce Sugar in everything … Have a good weekend my friend x Sue


    • I have had to forgo many things since being diagnosed as diabetic. But the main thing i miss is “cream cakes” especially “Strawberry oysters” “oh” my word Sue, what would i give to see one now, sitting beautifully beside my cup of Earl Grey. Without sugar you understand 🙂
      Have a lovely weekend yourself Sue. x


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