People know I am a none believer, however, years ago I struggled with the notion of there being a god. But finally the penny dropped and my mind was set for the rest of my life. This was some 40 years ago and I have never been swayed into believing anything other than Nature to be in command.

This song i would listen to during the period of my struggle and wonder is god alive . Young and unsure quite what was happening in my life and indeed just what was life itself all about.

Because it is sunday and i accidently came across this song . I now offer it to the believers among us.   Hope they enjoy   !!!



I knew I did not believe in “magic”  and why. So it was only Natural that I could not believe in gods of any kind.


Here we have a song that may suit those who’s god is “money”


“Angels on the take and gangsters in the yard”


10 responses to “Godless.

  1. I hear you Kenny


  2. This post is leaving me to wonder whether or not you are a believer, Kenny, it’s a scary decision to make, as the thought of roasting in hell is imprinted so well into us from children it’s hard to deny Him, but I’m a bit like how you appear to be, that is more akin to Nature. but there’s that teeny bit of me saying ‘You’ll roast in Hell’


    • Not a cat in hell’s chance Arlene, a secret believer “ME” NEVER !!! That tiny bit of me died the very moment “the penny dropped” But life is such a beautiful hell, so to speak.


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