Ride on Lady ?


~~~~~~~~     http://youtu.be/8J-X0TBZ0sM    ~~~~~~~


In my secret life, I am unborn. 

No primeval screaming, no cord to cut, no eye’s to shut.


15 responses to “Ride on Lady ?

  1. Love your pic Kenny 🙂 And the photo of the horse at the bottom here is beautiful too.
    Timid one 🙂


    • Hi Timid One, thank you for saying so, I get so much enjoyment creating my images. The amount of concentration spent on thinking, chases the world away. A great way to escape this crazy old World 🙂 I intend to visit your blog sometime today, so I trust you have copious amounts of tea in stock 🙂


  2. Kenny thank you for this wonderful share.. I had not heard of Christy before either… But his voice just holds you spell bound. Love the photo you have shared too I am a bit of a horse fan! 🙂 Hope you are well 🙂 and keep riding On.. 🙂 xxx Sue


  3. You have just introduced me to Christy Moore, it knocked me out ….. beautiful

    Susan x


  4. Hi Sir Staghorn,
    Lovely blog indeed 😀
    & most entertaining I might add.


  5. It does compliment the video, and your secret life (no secret now!! 🙂 ) sounds amazing.. You’d have to have a name change tho’ xx


  6. Wow!! Kenny, thanks for the share, I’ve never heard any of Christy Moore’s work, this was so powerful . (and the picture you show? I had it as my header (sans horse tho’) for ages and changed it a few weeks back, ’tis so mystical and alluring isn’t it? ) xx


    • I like Christy Moore, his voice demands to be listened to. Can’t remember where i found the Horse, it is a tube that has been tucked away among my psp files for ages. But yes it has a certain quality and compliments the video, I think.

      Here you have a truly alluring Horse. What would I give to be sat astride him with a Peregrine on my fist and two Wolf Hounds walking ahead. Yep … that would be me in my secret life !!! 🙂


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