Back soon !!!


11 responses to “Back soon !!!

  1. Sorry I missed Lunch, I have been busy eating my own recently 🙂


  2. that’s funny Kenny
    Happy day to you my friend


  3. With handcuffs like those, I’d scarper pretty darn quick, Kenny, and not even leave a message. 🙂 I’ll even help you chase after Wolfie for t’key … You never know when you’ll need it next!! xPenx


    • I prefer to call them manacles Pen. But “hand-cuffs” are synonymous. “Manacle him to the wall” so to speak. The only key I am interested in Pen, is, the key to perpetual peace between Man and Nature. He can blast himself into extinction if he so wishes and considering the present unrest, that could happen anytime soon. When a man has his back to the wall like Putin has, he is at his most dangerous !!! Note to self… stop changing subject when replying to a comment… lol 🙂
      ps. don’t think we would catch Timid one. aka wolfie, she is quite fleet of paw. 🙂


  4. gone to lunch?!! In handcuffs?!!! Really Kenny? 😉 lol enjoy your porridge 😀 And really Kenny…you never told me you were into handcuffs!!! lol 🙂
    Timid one,,,running off with the key!! x


    • I haven’t told you about my collection of “masks” either. 🙂


      • How exciting!! 😉 I shall be on my way to check the masks and handcuffs out when the Galactic Winter Olympics and the Space Galactic Dog Trials have finished 🙂 I might even bring the key back…then again lol maybe I won’t!! And I’m intrigued to see these masks!!!!


        • The masks are interesting Timid one. My fav. is the two way mirror mask, the person wearing them sees nothing. But I can see through them like I could a window. RE: Key !!! luckily i have in my possession a duplicate. so there then 🙂


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