“In short, all good things are wild and free.”


12 responses to “WILD.

  1. gorgeous, Kenny – two of my favorite images, together, doesn’t get much better — Did I miss your birthday? A happy and healthy year, my friend


  2. HoooOOOWWWLLLappy Birthday Kenny! See you behind ye olde oak tree tonight when the moon rises and the wild wolves hooooOooWWWwwwwLL! And bring those masks you mentioned lol we must make it a birthday night to remember After all birthday parties are such fun!!!
    Timid one


    • Hi there “Wild One” is it ok if I bring a friend ? 🙂


      • Weeeellllll…..since it is your birthday and this is to be a night of wild abandon lol then I guess anything goes! However 🙂 If you are to bring “a friend” then it is only fair that I also should be allowed to bring a friend!!! 😀 Somebody who is wild and up for anything I think… 😉 So! I’ll shoot off now and have a quick howl in the dark ear of Vampy Andro!!!! Can’t think of anyone better suited to sharing a night of wildness behind ye olde oak tree lol 😀 And he did leave a message on my blog re/for your wild self and your birthday! I will take it for granted lol that that’s fine with you, even if it’s not lol and won’t wait for your permission as the hour of masked wildness draws ever closer 😀 So I will see you behind ye olde oak tree when the moon rises birthday boy!!! Byeeeeeeeee!


  3. So true…. Nature will never be tamed.. 🙂 Hope all is well with you Kenny? Sue xox


    • OH yes Sue I am fine apart from a small problem with this new pc. It was delivered yesterday and shall be returned on Monday. A beautiful machine, 1 terabyte with quad processors. Lightning fast and silent. But the dvd drive door wont open AAAAHHHHGGGGG…. Have ordered another one with next day delivery, so fingers crossed that one will do what it says on the box, so to speak. 🙂 x


  4. good day to you Kenny 🙂


  5. Echoed in a howwwwl, Kenny, so true and always will be… xPenx


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