Birth and death.

SWEDEN.   08 33111

In the beginning is the ending  !!!

Once upon a time I was flushed with all the arrogants and  impetuosity of youth. I was alive and keen to inform the World of that fact . 65 years later and the World still hasn’t got the message. Until I fail and fall like a tree, I shall stand proud and safe in the knowledge that “I tried”

PS. the background image is my own.


8 responses to “Birth and death.

  1. Hi Kenny, What a wonderful image! And a great tree growing and then making a tremendous crash sounds like a pretty good way to go.


    • Pleased you like the picture Monica. The background image is something I snapped while in a Swedish forest. The floor was covered with sphagnum moss, like walking on foam.
      I can think of a lot better way to go 🙂


  2. Beautiful picture Kenny and keep on trying! It is often dispiriting but the key is to keep going. Hope that you are enjoying this beautiful sunny day my lovely friend. xx


    • Hi Ruth, yes all we can do is to keep plodding on and hope we make the right decisions along the way.
      RE: Sunshine. We are in for a cold blast from the North. 😦 That will dampen a few peoples hopes for a warm dry Spring, myself included. But I do not wish to leave you on a negative note, so I shall just say, ” I am always pleased to see you have visited me here and to read your lovely and sometimes informative comments.
      Have a great week ahead Ruth 🙂 x


  3. That’s all we say, Kenny, all of us, we tried… we may have tripped along the way sometimes, but we still stand… Unlike the tree, although it still has a purpose, perchwise, at the very least xPenx


  4. Kenny that is all any of us can do.. So long as we have tried our best I know we could do no more.. And love the picture image you have taken… showing how life springs eternal amidst the fallen and broken..

    Enjoy your Sunday my friend .. Sue


    • I said I “tried” Sue, I didn’t say i tried my “best” My school reports would read something like ” has the ability but must try harder” Those words have been proven to be true throughout the years. Just plain bone idle, thats me lol So why should i state in my post that I can stand proud in the knowledge that i “tried”. Well I did try, but not hard enough. :))
      Have a great week ahead Sue x


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