The Penis Snake.

Scientists discover new species of ‘blind snake’ in Brazilian river that looks remarkably like a piece of the human anatomy (and stop sniggering)



Here you find my first post for quite a while. Yes I know it is a little gruesome,  however,  more interesting posts to come in the near future.

 Atretochoana Eiselti (a.k.a., the Penis Snake  : )

This suggestive-looking, eyeless animal is actually called Atretochoana eiselti. It is a large, presumably aquatic, caecilian amphibian with a broad, flat head and a fleshy dorsal fin on the body.


These Snakes (it is said) have a habit of slithering unseen into the beds of sleeping virgins.

Evidently these snakes are edible !!!

Yes well that’s about the size of it, so we shall leave it at that me thinks   🙂


10 responses to “The Penis Snake.

  1. Glad to see you back Kenny and sorry I missed your Grand entrance 🙂
    Too busy enjoying Summer myself. And you also know I will always turn up in your blog and catch up in large batches.
    Hope the Monsoon weather misses you. Rainig buckets here. 🙂
    See you next time around. Xx Sue


    • Hi Sue lovely to hear from you again. unfortunately the wind and rain is forecast to pass over Middlesbrough anytime now. Still we can’t complain too much , we have had a pleasant enough summer so far.
      take care my lovely friend x


  2. Timid one can think of a lot of interesting things to say about that snake! lol…however the Wolfie wisdom is suggesting it might be wise to keep that particular howl safely buried bone-like beneath the roots of ye olde oak tree!!!! In the meantime I guess I will settle for a nice juicy haunch of Elk to satisfy the sudden onset of hunger afflicting my Timid self 🙂 lol !!


  3. fein dich wieder zurueck zu lesen mit deiner so besonderen schlange hug von jasmin


  4. Very unfortunate creature, say no more.


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