The “POWER” of Evolution.

The “POWER” of Evolution.

This little fellow is a Elephant

1926859_554978801276732_278829332_n  1


This is one of the reasons why I love Nature so so much.


OH YES  and this !!!

OH and not forgetting this  🙂

Copy of embrace 3

Have a wonderful week all and most importantly, “keep smiling”




7 responses to “The “POWER” of Evolution.

  1. Lovely pictures Kenny. All Creatures Great and Small 🙂
    Where would we be without Nature? 🙂
    Xxx. __/\__


    • It is the diversity of living organisms that blows me away Sue. From the giant red woods and the blue whale, to the smallest of living cells. So pleased i was born a Human, “well sometimes” 🙂 xxx
      ps. what does _/\_ mean ?


  2. Elephant shrew?!! What a cute and adorable little creature that is 🙂 A very endearing little soul and very pretty colours too… I guess it does have a trunk of sorts… 🙂 but it is very small compared to it’s huge cousin!


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