Crunching the Numbers

Shimona knows what she is talking about !!!


You’ll hear it every day: “The number of civilian casualties in Gaza is completely disproportionate to the number of Israeli casualties.”

And yes – as of writing these words, there have so far been “only” 7 Israeli fatalities – two civilian and five military – whereas, if we are to believe the figures put out by Hamas, the Gazan death toll stands at about 336, “mostly civilians”, to use the phrase almost automatically tagged on by the world media.

At first sight, 336:7 certainly appears “disproportional”. But if we put these figures under the microscope, a different story emerges.

My argument is three-fold and hinges, firstly, on the use of the term “proportionality”. In the context of self-defence, this does not – cannot logically – restrict the defending party to administering a counter-blow equal in force to the one received (“tit for tat”). The whole concept of self-defence rests on the idea…

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8 responses to “Crunching the Numbers

  1. Hi dear Kenny, You have tackled a difficult subject, to put it mildly. I have long viewed this as a family fight, and we all know those can be the most bitter and brutal of all. Why is the reporting so unbalanced? Why can’t Israel fight for its life, too? I have no answers, and Americans defending themselves against terrorism are hard put to argue the point.


    • I have no answers either Monica. But I do have sympathy for the natives of palestine. They are being used as pawns by hamas in a inhuman way. Hamas is a terrorist organization and “MUST” be destroyed.
      The media beams out horrible images of dead and dying children, all around the world and this is precisely what hamas wants. It seems to me that the entire middle east is about to erupt into a terrible time in the history of human conflict.


  2. Thank you for this repost Kenny. Yes all conflict is awful in any War. But this is juSt such a terrible situation for those trapped in Gaza. My heart is with them.
    Take care Sue


  3. Dear Kenny, I need to get back here more often. I miss you and am intrigued by these new posts. I have been away from my computer, and reading and commenting by cell is just not fun. See you again soon, dear friend!


    • Hi Monica, I have been so lazy lately and facebook is not making things easier to visit people. It is summer here and when the sun is shining i am out. I seem to become more active as the winter approaches. But know this Monica, I know where you are just a click or 2 away. be well my farawayfriend !!!


  4. Kenny, it’s good to see you again. 🙂
    Thanks for sharing. It’s not always easy to get the truth out.

    Be well.


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