She lured me to the jagged rock with her

entrancing melody and now lays drizzling sand into

a pool, as if my dilemma was none of her doing .



Well that’s life, innit,

you do your bit

and that’s it, innit  !!!



Kenny  🙂

12 responses to “Sirenia.

  1. Keep calm and pretend it’s not MONDAY..
    Take Care,, // Nicki


  2. And that must be Cherno!


  3. sehr schoen ein tolles wochenende fuer dich kenny


  4. Oh Kenny, this looks dangerous!! The image is brilliant. Those Sirens have a lot to answer for – so I’m told… Hope that you’re doing well my friend. xx


    • Hi Ruth lovely to hear from you. Yes those Sirens are very dangerous, lol. But I fall for their irresistible and appealing singing everytime. One would think a man of my age would have learned by now, but no, guess i am just a sucker for punishment. lol I have just started following a lady on twitter and was surprised to see that you follow her also. Considering the millions of people on twitter, that must be a big coincidence. Yes I am doing well Ruth and hope you are too. Take care my lovely friend and may the force of love and life be with you. xx


  5. Clever photo Kenny looks like you were having Fun. Glad to see you in my email Box this morning :).
    Have a great Sunday
    Take care Sue x0x


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