Winter Brrrrrrrrrrr.

WINTER  1111

5 responses to “Winter Brrrrrrrrrrr.

  1. Lovely seasonal scene He who runs faster than the wind 🙂 I think you missed of an Timid Icewolf though! However it would look very at home on Europa and Timid one would be very comfortable here!
    Oooh…. have you noticed how the snow does a sharp change of direction according to which way you move the mouse/pad? magic!! 🙂
    Timid one x


  2. Hi Kenny, one of the few still blogging, if occasionally, more than me though, so I thought you deserved a reply. I don’t like Winter, but do like pretty pictures like above, keep warm see you on FB


    • hi Arlene, well yes I do still like to use wp occasionally ! I hope to be blogging more vigorously over the winter. just hope i don’t upset anyone lol yes see you on fb …. pleased you like the pic Arlene.


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