I have reblogged this for a reason, I would love one of these dogs. But I am not a millionaire, unfortunately !!!

~~~ " KENNY 2 DOGS " ~~~



£1 million for ‘world’s most expensive dog’

A Red Tibetan Mastiff puppy has become the world’s most expensive dog after being sold for almost £1 million.

£1m red Tibetan mastiff puppy

£1m red Tibetan mastiff puppy 
Malcolm Moore

By Malcolm Moore, Shanghai 11:59AM GMT 15 Mar 2011

Tibetan Mastiffs are huge and fierce guard dogs that have stood watch over nomad camps and monasteries on the Tibetan plateau for centuries.

They are thought to be one of the world’s oldest breeds, and legend has it that both Genghis Khan and Lord Buddha kept them.

More recently, however, they have become highly-prized status symbols for China’s new rich. The dogs are thought to be a pure “Chinese” breed and they are rarely found outside Tibet, giving them an exclusivity that other breeds cannot match.

Accordingly, prices have risen from around 5,000 yuan a puppy five years ago to the hundreds of thousands and even millions.


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  1. Is that a slight resemblence I see between you and him He who runs faster than the wind? lol 😉 He’s a lovely dog but wouldn’t you like to have one of those awesome black European Shepherd Dogs?! The real thing is only available from Russia and surrounding areas so it’d be pretty unique too 🙂
    Timid one 🙂

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