Never the same.

greenPining for you !!! photo 0eHLEYoEn.gif

8 responses to “Never the same.

  1. So happy to see you back, Kenny, and a lovely posting


  2. Sounds like you may just have had an experience Kenny. By the way I see you have joined Pinterest, look forward to seeing your ‘pins’


    • We have all had our experience i think Arlene. Where that person enters our lives and exits leaving us with a feeling we have just met someone very special. “pinterest” don,t think i will be bothering much with it. busy in other quarters, but just see what happens. be well Arlene. 🙂


  3. The words are so true Kenny. Do you have sun? It’s lovely down here today. Lots of love to you my friend – how is your pain and neck now? xxxx


    • yes the sun is out today in fact the weather has settled down nicely and hopefully to last all week and possibly longer. Nippy mornings though !!!

      The pain is not too bad today. But tomorrow is another day ! It is a good thing i bought a recliner, just love it LOL and lots of love to you Ruth from me xxx


  4. Pawprints and hooooOOOOOOOooWWWWWwwwwLLLLLLsssss can do that too!! 😉 x


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