We come in peace ?

Migrants macheting their way across Europe.

We come in peace !!!And this stupid woman who thinks she is the Queen of Europe,




I am not a racist. I am just a English man who does not want his Daughter or G/daughter

to be raped  and their property stolen.


Now while i am still in this mood, I shall say a few words about Putin and Russian

activities around the world .


Shoot the bastard !!!


3 responses to “We come in peace ?

  1. Too bad you mince your words, Kenny


  2. Coincidently it is the 11th of the 11th today. The day we remember all the people who perished while fighting to keep England FREE .

    It is the day WW2 ended. Now a new war has began, these swarms of refugees and migrants are the biggest threat to Europe since hitler.


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