Life happens so fast we only see it, as it is disappearing !!!

~~~ " KENNY 2 DOGS " ~~~

I have forever it seems been interested, no, fascinated in wild life, as a child I would walk for miles over hill and dale, through the fields and woods loosing myself amongst the beauty and wonder of it all.
This childhood fascination I carry with me to this day.
We all have images from our past that have such a impression on our young minds, that it becomes impossible to forget.
I have such a image in my mind that I would like to share with you.
I am about seven years old and climbing through a Dutch barn full of bails of straw, it was a favourite place that I enjoyed visiting, usually during school dinner time.
The barn was but a ten minute walk or a brisk five minute run from my school.
On the day in question I had…

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5 responses to “A WONDERFUL MEMORY

  1. For a nice friend
    “nice day”..

    For a sweet friend
    “sweet day”

    For a loving friend
    “lovely day”

    For a Good friend
    “good day”

    Love & Hugs // Nicki

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  2. Beautiful memory He who runs faster than the wind! I can appreciate your feelings after seeing a Kestrel soaring high in the skies in the most unexpected of environments. It was an amazing feeling even though in reality it was far, far above me in the sky but so beautiful and free…and yes…I could well imagine you as a falconer! Timid one xx

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  3. What a brilliant post! Thank you~


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