“They eat Dog’s there don’t they”



This is horrific, if you are squeamish then give it a miss. 

“You have been warned”


I have been a Dog lover all my life and never have i seen such carnage such brutality, being inflicted against my beloved Dog friends.

Just why they should make a festival around the eating of Dog meat is beyond me. Just because we don’t see it here in the West, does not mean it isn’t happening.

It sickens me to think that the powers that be in China turn a blind eye to this disgusting part of their culture and there you have it. It is their culture  and nothing will be done to stop it. 






This is the late and great Cherno the fearless. One of the best dog’s that ever owned me.

RIP.  my old friend.


At least you were not beaten to death, skinned, boiled and hung up to dry   !!!


4 responses to ““They eat Dog’s there don’t they”

  1. hi CuZ

    yes I have seen this before horrified me too! but that’s the way it goes, I try not to think about it

    hope your keeping well 😊

    Sent from Windows Mail


    • Hi Joan Yes I am fine thank you, hope you are too. Have voted for England to “leave” the EU today.
      I would like to see the same system that Australia has…the point system. So we can chose who enters the country.
      Instead of any old tom dick and harry walking strait in at will. Take care Kenneth x


  2. I can’t watch the video, but this is disgusting. We need to boycott China until they stop killing endangered animals for ineffective medications and torturing dogs for a public festival.


    • I am with you on that Cindy.
      But unfortunately it is most difficult to actually change the culture of another land, without invading it.
      However i believe the question of Ivory could be better addressed if Africa pulled it’s socks up !!!


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