Beautiful Nature.

Charles Darwin

On the Origin of Species.

Darwin !!!

A brilliant mind.



I am sure there shall be those who would disagree . 

But that is Natural.

I am not their enemy, just because we have contrasting opinions.

I believe that one hand designed everything that exists.

The Hand of NATURE.

It should never come to conflict between nations

because of our beliefs. I say “should never”

But it has and does happen, in fact it is happening world wide as I speak

and it is the flames of religion that ignite’s the fire.

Not Nature.

My belief in evolution and Natural selection is unshakeable and nothing can erode or diminish it, in anyway at all. 

To all believers i say this.

“If you gain comfort by reading the black book, then I am happy for you”

To all nonbelievers I say this.

“We know the TRUTH.





4 responses to “Beautiful Nature.

  1. WOW nice picture.. have a great day.. Lots of hugs // Nicki


  2. Always good to know your own mind! 🙂 Timid one!


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