Old Lady . Mormo maura…

I had spent hours trying name the Moth in my last post. Finally I thought may be there is a group dealing with Moths on Face Book.  I joined a group called ‘Butterflies and Moths of Great Britain & Ireland . I was given the name of this beast very quickly by a very knowledgeable lady. I was most impressed. So if anyone should need information on the subject, then I highly recommend this group.

I can now spend the rest of my day doing nothing, with a smile on my face 🙂


 Old Lady . Mormo maura…


4 responses to “Old Lady . Mormo maura…

  1. Brilliant name! Facebook has to be applauded for its vast variety of groups many of whom would never be thought of until the unexpected and unusual occurs 🙂 I’m glad you found out the name of your mystery giant moth…it is quite magnificent in its mothy way!

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    • Yes Timid one. I was amazed at how quickly I received the answer to my question. The power of f/b is remarkable indeed.
      I was watching an old black and white film last night about Elsa the lioness on tv. (nothing to do with f/b) and I was amused to learn
      that Elsa had 3 cub’s and one was named “Timid One” HAHAHA would have more poignant if Elsa had been a Wolf 🙂

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