Sweden 2016.



Kenneth Hutchinson.

None believer, none drinker and devout carnivore.


A little window into my visit to Sweden.


To begin with, I would suggest to anyone thinking of visiting Sweden. That they should take with them a case full of money. Below you see a bill for 2 cup’s of Earl Grey and 2 fingers of my Daughter’s favourite wine. 

170 Swedish crowns which equals  £15.31


It is a good thing that I am a none drinker.

Another thing to beware of are the Taxi drivers. Soon as they know you are are not Swedish, the price seems to double.




Cycling is a popular way of getting from A to B for the locals,


It reminded me a little of Holland.


Tat’s are quite popular also and cycling is a good way of showing them off. Blondes on bikes are everywhere. “GULP”  🙂


Nice leg’s but I think she should have chosen a better tattooist.


Greta Garbo’s Torg.


Just opposite the entrance to my Daughters apartment, is Greta Garbo’s Torg. I would sit there for a while to smoke. Lisa would not allow me to smoke indoors.  Which is fare enough with me. 



“Torg” in Swedish means “square” However it is in fact a circular piece of ground that is a Mecca for Garbo fans.  A quiet place where one can sit on one of 12 benches and reflect. In the very center there is a large Star surrounded by flowers. 

Many people pilgrimage to Greta Garbo’s Torg   


Greta Garbo

I realised that it was indeed her Birthday on the 18th of Sept , While I was visiting My Daughter.  So taking the opportunity as a kind of memory to her name, I sprinkled Gold glitter over the Star.  It did not show much in the daylight. But come the night with a light shining on it, the Gold sparkled and glistened. 

An elderly Lady was picking seed pods from the flowers surrounding the Star as her husband looked on impatiently.  I asked the Lady if she knew that it was in fact Greta Garbo’s Birthday today, The Lady did not know and was very pleased to learn it. She thanked me for telling her and walked away, I heard her telling her husband what i had told her, they then both looked back at me smiled and gave a shyish kind of wave, 

Two good things happened during  this fortunate happenstance.  The Lady that picked the seed pods, learned she had unknowingly picked them on Greta Garbo’s Birthday. This fact alone made the seeds a great deal more important to her and she was happy. I am happy because unknowingly to the Lady, she had given me the idea to pick some seed pods. They are in the fridge waiting for Spring.  So am I  🙂




Just my little tribute to a great and wonderful Swedish Actress. Greta Garbo had been described as the most beautiful woman that had “ever lived” in 1954.



One fleeting glance from those flashing ice blue eyes

and Men’s legs were turned to jelly.


Out of work Vikings.


I bumped into this old heavy metal guy and he told me he was hungover from the day before and that he was financially embarrassed. So i said i would give him enough for a sandwich and a cup of coffee, if he allowed me to take a photograph of him. He kindly obliged. 



A short time later I spotted these 3 characters who were punk rockers. Although the one in the middle looked far from being a punk rocker.  They spoke excellent English and relished the opportunity to prove it to me. They offered me a can of lager that I had to decline , which they thought was strange.  However after explaining about my transplant and showing them my scar , they understood and recognised the scar as a kind of alcoholics trophy . lol.  ” take note” ….Not that I have ever been a alcoholic. 


Some strange people on the streets in Stockholm. The same as any other City really.

The fellow below is from Spain. Funny man who couldn’t give a flying fox what people think about him   !!!

I know what I think   !!!


Old faithfull


I think this handsome fellow knows he is on duty.


My Daughter with Billy the Great Dane puppy,  16 weeks old  !!!


He is a sensible dog, training is coming along fine . But has much more to learn.Much much more  !!! 



Who is the brightest Star, in Greta Garbo’s Garden  !!!


One evening my dear Adama, asked if she could go visit her friend for a short while. I said no, unless she call’s her Mother ( who was working late at the office ) and ask her if it is ok.   A crafty smile appeared on Adama’s face. !!!



Adama whipped out her mobile, like a gun from it’s holster and rapidly speed dialed  some spurious numbers then held the mobile close to her hair.  Adama began talking as if she was talking to her Mother and surprisingly her Mother had said yes it is ok.  !!!  and she was off like lightning, leaving me to walk the dog.   I suspected Adama had fooled her old G/dad .

 photo i77828516_48264.gif



Interesting statues everywhere.


Doing hand stands for these Swedish Ladies , just don’t cut it …mate   !!!


Teach your children well.


King Karl x11 Pointing to the Tudor Arms  !!!




The Katarina Elevator or Katarina Lift (Swedish: Katarinahissen) is a passenger elevator in Stockholm that connects Slussen(the lock area) to the heights of Södermalm. The lift was a shortcut between Katarinavägen, Slussen and Mosebacke torg. The original lift was constructed in 1881, but the current structure dates from the rebuilding of the Slussen transport interchange in 1936. The lift has been closed since 2010 due to lack of security in the construction. There are plans to renovate the elevator’s structure so that it can resume operation in 2019.


Below are some photographs taken from the top of the lift.



Small and intriguing City, full of memories for me.


Things have changed in Stockholm. 



More images of Stockholm and else where.


During the seventies The first ever English pub was my local. Tudor Arms.

This is a image of the corner we would sit in.


As far as I know to date, is that the knife has never drawn blood. Yet…………..


I visited the Old Town in Stockholm for one reason and one reason only. That was to drink coffee from the very same coffee pot, that I had drank from many times in the past. I recall old men who would place a cube of sugar in their mouth, pour their coffee into their saucer and slurp it through the sugar  At the time this was not considered bad table manners. Don’t know about these days though. 


This coffee pot must be hundreds of years old and must have poured an Ocean of coffee into millions of charming little china cups. 

The cakes were torturous to look at


But I kept my cool and walked right on by. It was murder ,it was criminal, it was a painful walk past.   LOL   


OOooo  look,  another blonde on a bike   !!!



Bumped into these guy’s taking a cigarette brake, 2  are from Thailand and the Lady in the center is Swedish.


I was thinking how nice her eye’s were


until I realised she was a man  !!!      or something like that  .

I was outa there fast  !!!   lol


Stockholm is surrounded by water.


Stockholm is world famous for being stunningly beautiful. The city sits on 14 islands, is surrounded by water and is pickled with parkland, forest and lakeshore beaches.

All in all, my visit to Stockholm turned out to be a most interesting experience.  My Daughter looked well and so too Adama. Wish Aliue my G/son had been there  😦

Over the past 5 times I have visited my Daughter, like a Nomad Lisa has been living in 5 different places.I wonder where she shall be living on my next visit. 

Anyway I trust you enjoyed your little visit to Stockholm from my point of view.

It really is a beautiful City.


Kenny x


8 responses to “Sweden 2016.

  1. Jag hoppas ändå Du trives här hos oss i Sverige Stockholm, vi som bor här tänker inte på att det är så dyrt eller dyrare än andra länder. Men jag gillar Turkiet där är det billigt god mat och härligt att shoppa billigt, samt Grekland likaså. Trevligt att se alt du skrivit här och fotat
    VÄlkommen tillbaka till oss
    Kram Mella ❤

    Liked by 1 person

    • Hej … Jag är tillbaka i England nu. Jag fick mitt besök i Stockholm. Jag skall besöka Stockholm igen snart som möjligt, för att se min dotter och barnbarn.
      Levnadsstandarden är mycket hög och människorna är välkomnande. Jag älskar Sverige men vintern är en mördare. kallt kallt kallt 🙂 Ta hand Mella och tack för din kommentar Hug Kenneth x


  2. thanks for that Cuz very interesting place i see! plenty of interesting characters,there Greta i remember a little of her, not much nice to be remembered hey! Just loved those cakes, you tel me you just walked past them, yeah!! i believe you, can”t say i liked the tattooed blonde. hate the things don”t see any sense in having poison put into your skin ha!

    any how hope your keeping well. let me know when you get your little dog

    sorry have to dash \take care thanks again for the pics

    Cuz Joan xxxx

    On 2 October 2016 at 13:31, ~~~ ” KENNY 2 DOGS ” ~~~ wrote:

    > Kenny2dogs posted: ” Kenneth Hutchinson. None believer, none drinker and > devout carnivore. A little window into my visit to Sweden. To begin with, I > would suggest to anyone thinking of visiting Sweden. That they should take > with them a case full of money. Below you see a” >


    • Hi Cuz…yes it is a interesting city with many interesting people. Spring or Summer is the best time to visit Sweden,
      the Winters are a killer. I have always liked Greta Garbo, such a beautiful woman and was a big surprise to discover she was born so close to Lisa’s apartment. “OH” and the weather was brilliant , sunshine everyday except the last 2 days and not one drop of rain for 15 days. Very unusual for that time of year. Lisa has a large tattoo on her back, still if it makes her happy, then who are we to complain.

      Kenneth xxx
      PS. RE: cakes. it is true that I resisted temptation to buy a cake. OH dear me, why is something so lovely as a cream cake so bad for us. 🙂


  3. It’s been a long time since I visited Sweden (1990), but I remember even then it was pretty expensive. Of course, salaries there are much higher than here (or, presumably, than in the UK). Mind you, on my visit to England last month, it seemed to me that the cost of living in London is also pretty high nowadays. 😦

    I love the photos – especially the statues!


    • Hi Shimona. long time no see. Yes London is more expensive than it is for us up north. But Sweden is even more expensive than London.
      Pleased you liked the images It is a long time since I have done any hand stands.lol take care my far away friend !!!


  4. Looks like you had a good, if expensive, adventure.

    Liked by 1 person

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