A long time ago.

This is my first ever post, 11 years ago on Windows Live Spaces.

High force is reputed to be the highest unbroken fall of water in England. It suddenly and spectacularly drops 70 feet. As you begin the slow descent along the gently sloping, well maintained path, you become aware of a distant muffled rumble. The pretty woodland walk twists and turns with a different view every few yards. You peer through the trees and there it is. The sight of it is astounding. Postcards and photographs cannot portray the sheer size of this vertical wall of water, the ceaseless roaring sound and the almost tangible atmosphere of the place. I must say it is well worth seeing.


11 years ago….WOW… only seems like yesterday !!!

5 responses to “A long time ago.

  1. It was only yesterday Hewhorunsfasterthanthewind! lol 😉
    Wow….You’ve been blogging for more than a decade! Congratulations!
    Timid one 😉 x

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  2. Brilliant Kenny and yes time flies these look lovely falls.. Good to catch a post from you Kenny.. Hope you are well.. Hugs Sue x

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