Happy Mediums.

Mediums living it large on the proceeds they con from the naive and gullible.


They who live by the crystal ball

shall eat shattered glass. 

At an early age I was in a relationship with a pretty young girl and I liked her very much. But that meant nothing to her Mother and her older Brother. Together they made me feel inferior and both conspired to destroy the relationship I had with her Daughter and his younger Sister.

The reason behind their dislike of me was plain as the nose on your face, I was working class  and my pretty young friend, was not. Her parents were well to do and had great expectations for their young beautiful Daughter.

Being a spiritual family they arranged for my friend to visit a medium. I discovered later just what the medium had told my friend. She had told her that the boy she was seeing (me) was not good enough for her and would only make her unhappy and it would be best if she brought an end to the relationship. Those word’s sounded like they had come direct from her Mothers mouth.

That is the trick , it is called “Hot Reading” where the medium is given personal information  about the person they are about to fool. This was her Mothers way of trying to convince her Daughter that I was not MR. right. The sad thing is, it worked.

So thank’s to a bloody medium, my first adventure into the inferno that is Love, was dowsed and destroyed by a great big con  !!!   Beware those that speak with fork tongues.


Cross my palm with silver … my arse   !!!



4 responses to “Happy Mediums.

  1. Its such a pity your experience was so negative Kenny.. As a Medium my self those of their worth… I never charged for my services to the Spiritualist church’s only a petrol fee to get there.. And one would never interfere or give advice of that nature..

    Its the bad few who give the Genuine ones the bad reputations..
    Best regards to you Kenny

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    • Hi Sue…I would like to say that “this post is NOT directed at you personally” and I take your point regarding the “bad few” But my point is, how peoples lives can be effected in a negative way , by visiting soothsayers genuine or otherwise. RE: those that profess they can talk to the dead. Yea right !!! “STAY CALM and keep SMILING” 🙂 and fond regards to you too Sue. You have been missed x

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