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Fertility model for sustainable integration

EQUAL model is the result of Lisa Nicoleen Hutchinson’s burning social commitment and uncompromising belief in every person’s inherent power. The work method combines cost-effectively humanism with science, and the vision is an effective integration where everyone gets a chance to feel good and achieve success.

EQUAL Educational Development Inc. invests and monitors the children and youth in foster homes, providing support for vulnerable families and work for a better integration of including unaccompanied minors. 

 Lisa Nicoleen Hutchinson, EQUAL’s founder, is working together with its employees for the proprietary EQUAL model, which can be explained as an approach that is based on a holistic view of inspiration, humanism and science watchwords.

EQUAL model is based on a dissatisfaction with how Swedish society takes care of and introduces refugee. Lisa worked for years to find a way that could contribute to a better functioning integration, and their efforts resulted in EQUAL which started in 2011. 

– We want to show how a human, empathetic and research-based approach can both contribute to improved integration and a better society, but for the sake of it cost a lot of money, says Lisa, who herself is a lawyer, criminologist and psychologist right in the ground. 

Throughout her career, she has been interested in social norms and how people can navigate and control over their own lives. She has also worked for several years with business in developing countries.

– When I worked in Africa, I realized how important it is for integration to explain the invisible and often unconscious norms governing social interaction in a culture, says Lisa.

EQUAL model is based on a solution-oriented approach where one of her attending work uses including CBT and motivational interviewing.Each family has dedicated family consultants working in close relationship with the family and the placed child. 

– Our consultants, who have expertise in areas such as trauma therapy, neuropsychiatry and developmental psychology, has good knowledge of the entire arrangement and functions including as links between the family and social services and other agencies, says Lisa and develops:

– One of our strengths is that all consultants share our values and vision. We believe all of us that the combination of science and humanism creates harmony, says Lisa. 

Something she considers to be crucial for the stability that constantly strives for and that is one of the prerequisites for a successful integration.

– It’s a very big challenge for a family to welcome a young person in crisis and the difficult experiences in your luggage. Therefore, the support of our family advisers extremely important, says Lisa emphatically. 

All work is ultimately intended to help young people to grow and establish themselves in society. 

EQUAL aims to provide support for children and young people throughout the integration process and until they establish themselves in the labor market. 

– We do not just teach what needs to be done, but attaches great importance to how it should be done and why, says Lisa, and adds: 

– Since we are currently in the process of developing digital user-friendly tool that apps that allow, among other things break down EQUAL model into smaller parts for it to be more beneficial. It is, after all, a training and therapy tools that can be used in many more areas.

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