North Korea.

Originally posted 4 years ago.


I have always viewed North Korea with  suspicion. That brutal regime is a brooding menace , just waiting to explode  like a volcanic eruption. Fracturing what little peace we have here on Earth. Billions of pounds spent on becoming an illegal nuclear power, while it’s brainwashed people scratch an existence among the dust.

Is “Kim Jong Un”  a loose cannon or is he just flexing the muscles of his new found power.  No man in possession of all his faculties , would/could “press the button”. But what if he is in fact unstable , with a desire to go down in history as the craziest of them all.

Beware the young gun, “volant”


Kim Jong Un,

The North Korean leader, Kim Jong-un, signing papers to ratify a strike against the US and its bases in the Pacific this week. Photograph: ZUMA / Rex Features

North Korea’s latest threat to rain missiles on the US, with maps showing flight paths across the Pacific, and leader Kim Jong-un signing orders at a midnight meeting, raises even more pointedly the question that the past month of ever more feverish menaces has already posed. Namely: are they serious? Do they mean it? Could a Korean Armageddon really happen?

“I believe it can”

3 responses to “North Korea.

  1. And the incredible fact is, with the danger of nuclear war triggered by North Korea, staring us in the face, some people still insist that “the greatest danger to world peace” is Israel!
    Go figure…

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  2. Ah, so you CAN see into the future.

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