I have always been a Sun lover and yes I knew the risks involved. But like other Sun lovers, I choose to ignore them. I was of the frame of mind that if the worst should happen, then i would just accept the consequences of loving the Sun and die   !!! 

 I never believed for one moment that I would ever sucume . How wrong I was. 

Yes I have been diagnosed with Skin Cancer.  “Squamous cell carcinoma”

It is a very common form of Cancer in fact from over a Million cases

only a little over 8 thousand died.

I like those odds.  So at present I am not overly concerned, but that may change

if it “spreads”


Because of my liver transplant. There is no alcohol in my life.

Because of my Diabetes. There is no sugar in my life.

Now because of this. There is no Sunshine in my life.


Written across my Heart in burning letters are the words,


Written across my Brain in burning letters are the words,






10 responses to “WARNING !!!

  1. Rather unfortunate situation but I am sure you will be fine Kenny. I know one or two unlucky people who were faced with the same thing and they have recovered and are as good as new. As will you be 😊

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    • Unfortunate indeed Timid One. But the more I hear and learn about the condition the more I am sure I will be fine. But having to avoid the Sun is a big body blow for me. Now I must spend the rest of my life among the shadows 😦


  2. Kate Abbott - Clifton Kitchen

    💋 and tough warrior; I’m sure you will xxx

    Sent from my iPhone


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  3. You will thrive, Kenny

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  4. Thinking of you and glad you are having this attended to. Look after yourself.

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