Happy New Year to all.


Imagine the Earth before Man walked upon it. Think of that very thin atmosphere that surrounds this spinning ball of rock, protecting us from the blazing heat of the Sun.

We are destroying it, WHY.

Visualize the Oceans and seas when the only things that were washed up on the golden beaches were Natural.

We are polluting it, WHY.

The answer to these questions is quite simple, “GREED” .  The Human desire for money and power.

Let us now set some new priorities for 2018 and beyond.  Let us clean up this filthy place, let us rid the place of all the crap we pump into the once pristine Oceans,  Seas and sky.

Finally a note to Mr Trump  :   ‘There’s none so blind as those who will not listen.’   !!!

3 responses to “2018

  1. Happy New Year to you, my dear old friend 🙂 I’m coming back to blogging and have to learn how to make everything all over again. Can’t even write worth a damn, haha. It’s ok, I’m just happy to be back.
    As for Trump, in my book he’s the worst piece of sh** to walk the planet. A dumber human there never was and all that ‘dumbness’ makes him dangerous. I don’t think he’ll ever open his eyes — they’re too trained on the mirror he’s holding.
    BUT, I do wish YOU a happy, happy new year, Kenny, and I will be back to catch up on reading. It’s 1:15am here now and the TV is still blaring all the festivities and the music is great. Cya soon! XOXOXO


    • “WOW” What a lovely surprise seeing you here on New Years Day. So your back from outer space or from wherever you were and I am very pleased about that. You have been missed !!! Yes and a very happy and healthy new year to you my dear old friend. xxx


  2. Happy New Year , let us hope the powers that be, see the light in 2018.


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