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Androgoth caught the Moon.

My my it's hot in here  :)


Sometimes things occur by happy accident. Flemming and penicillin springs to mind. Such an occurrence happened with this picture  ( not the one above) You shall note the “Moon” that “escaped me” has by shear chance  appeared in the widget, and becomes the background.

If I had placed the Moon any where else in the picture, then this would not have happened. Indeed If I had placed the “widget” in any other position in the “side bar” it would not have happened.

It was not until Androgoth commented on the “6 month” old post that I noticed the alignment.  “how nice ” I thought.

We are not talking about “signs” or subliminal messages sent by spirits swishing. No, it is but “serendipity”  Thank you Androgoth my friend for commenting on that particular post. If you had not , and because the post is so old, I most likely would not have noticed it.

The thing is, I typed the words. “i plucked the twinkle from the twilight, but the Moon escaped me” only 2 days ago.  But Androgoth caught it for me. With his comment.    It is the “2 day” old words in the widget   and the alignment of the 6 month old Moon with them, that makes this a special page for me.  I love little moments of magic like that.

If one click’s my Profile pic. At the top of the sidebar. you shall see the image as it was intended to be viwed.  

Have a wonderful weekend all.


Big Bang Day.

Wednesday the 10th of September is  ------->  big bang day,   <------
After nearly 30 years in construction, costing  Billions of  £'s and a workforce of thousands of scientists.
The most powerful of accelerators ever made shall be "switched on".
It is reported by some that this could cause a "black hole"
and that Earth shall be sucked in and spewed out somewhere into another universe.
BIG BANG DAY,  is also the day I fly to Sweden.

This is a image of our very own local  BLACK HOLE.

Suddenly I feel very small.



Friday the 13th.

Jolly roger

  I am not superstitious.


It is also your birthday today Cherno, one year old.
Another coincidence, that Cherno should be born on
my late mothers birthday, but even more of a coincidence
is the fact that his registraition date is March 2,
my late brother Terry’s birthday.
Now that is something.


Lotta my ex wife phoned me from Sweden yesterday to tell me that, "she had just seen a very large brown bird with a yellow beak sitting on a FENCE" and did not know what it was.
Lotta knowing that I am somewhat knowledgeable concerning birds of prey, hence the phone call, was delighted to learn that I  thought it to be an eagle of some kind, Lotta was so pleased because she had NEVER seen an eagle in the wild.
That was yesterday.
This morning I looked from my window and stood transfixed, my heart began to beat  faster and I began to shake a little, as the realisation dawned on me,just what I was seeing.
Sitting on the FENCE was a male ‘sparrow hawk’ , I have NEVER seen any kind of hawk in my garden ever, fortunately the camera was on the window ledge close to my hand, so I had the time to take a  few very shaky shots of the hawk before he disappeared over the roof tops.
Once again I ask myself is this another amazing coincidence, or is someone trying to tell me something.?