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Robin Hood

 Campaigners have won a High Court challenge over proposed changes to children’s heart surgery services in England. A judge has backed their claim that the process was legally flawed and unfair.

Save Our Surgery (SOS) is trying to stop the closure of the heart unit at Leeds General Infirmary in West Yorkshire.


This is a wonderful project of the Lairds son Nick Boardman. In aid of the child heart surgery at Leeds General Infirmary. I wish everyone involved with this most admirable project, all the very best. Brake a leg Gemma.



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Rubbernecking !


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The Waltz.



 I am no great dancer, but for some years now, I have been toying with the idea of learning to dance the Waltz. To glide, whirl and spin around the dance floor as if on ice. No jerking movements, or head banging, just  flowing dreamlike. With the Lady I love held close to my body. 

Well it is an idea for the future when I am fit enough.


In 1919, H.L.Menken wrote
 “The waltz never quite goes out of fashion;

it is always just around the corner; every now and then it returns with a bang . . .************************************************

It is sneaking, insidious, disarming, lovely. . . .

The waltz, in fact, is magnificently improper..

the art of tone turned lubricious. . .

Austrian music scholar, Max Graf, wrote,

“If there exists a form of music

that is a direct expression of sensuality,

it is the Viennese Waltz….”

The WALTZ was a smash hit from the very start, mesmerizing its listeners into non-stop revelry. The waltz swept out of Germany in the middle of the eighteenth century to conquer all of Europe, inspiring an old German verse: “Whosoever the dance did discover/Had in mind each maid and lover/With all their burning ardor.”

The name of the waltz is taken from the Italian ‘volver’ – to turn, or revolve. It was an outgrowth of the ländler, a country dance in three-quarter time, and replaced the heavy hopping and jumping movements with more polished and graceful gliding.

It was, indeed, rural lads and lasses who first found these whirling steps so appealing. And so, the waltz originally was decidedly low-brow and provincial. In those days, there was something unsavory about a woman being gripped in a man’s embrace while whirling in a frenzy around the dance floor.

The close contact with one’s partners body contrasted sharply with the stately dances of the aristocracy – the minuets, polonaises, and quadrilles – in which one kept one’s distance. A first-hand account of a village dance in the latter part of the eighteenth century read “The men dancers held up the dresses of their partners very high so that they should not trail and be stepped on, wrapped themselves both tightly in the covering, bringing their bodies as closely together as possible, and thus whirling about went on in the most indecent positions….







Calling for you !



I turn to face an empty space

where you should lie and look for

  "the spark that lights the night"

through the tear drop in my eye.


If ever you should meet this man

tell him I want him back.

Just look what life has done to him.




If we can’t laugh at ourselves

then there is something missing

in a our character.

Now. Part of a  poem I like.

Written by. E.W.Wilcox 



Oh world of light world of beauty

where are there pleasures

so sweet as thine?

Yes life is love and love is duty

and what heart sorrows

Oh no not mine.



Errr  Tea  time.  brb.  🙂





Only two people in all the world

are aware what this picture means.Excuse me I am lost,can you tell me where you live   :)


Now, something all shall understand.


Hope you enjoyed that.


Now, something you may not like.

This is a picture of a dog called Lilly.

When I first saw this picture,I lost some of my faith in human kind.

Lilly had been neglected to the point

where she had lost all her coat

and was covered in sores.

I am pleased to say that now,

she is a picture of health.


Thanks to a very special person.

Just look at Lillys eye’s. They are saying thankyou

for saving my life. It almost brings tears to my own eyes.


Now, something for the men, I like the way her eyes look at you. 


Walking the walk

Thats all folks.

Yall come back now.
































































London calling.



Take care all  and have a wonderfull week ahead.



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Stockton riverside festival.

WELCOME TO OUR 21ST FESTIVAL Stockton International Riverside Festival is Europe’s largest free open air festival. Now in its 21st year, the festival features a spectacular 5-day programme of outdoor theatre, street entertainment, circus, music and dance, by some of the world’s best artists.

The last time I visited this festival must be some 15 years ago, and I was not impressed.
I must admit now after visiting the festival this year, my opinion has changed.
It has now developed into a most wonderful spectacle, with much colour and many interesting acts.
Some acts were out of this world, and some were out of this universe.
I was particularly interested in seeing the African dancers, but I was disappointed to learn that they had forgotten to apply for "visas" and so had to be cancelled.  Mmmmmm….No doubt their agent shall be in some very hot water !!!
Below are a few photo’s I snapped as I wondered round Stockton, you can view others in the album at the bottom of this page.
Needless to say I shall be there next year for the full 5 days, I visited only Friday night to see the amazing "Terrafolk".
After seeing them I decided to visit again the next day for the closing ceremony.
And very pleased I did.
A most enjoyable 7 hours.
PS. At this moment I am in some pain, resulting from a trapped nerve in my back. This happened as I was taking some of these
photos. From very awkward angles. "OUCH"
If you would like to see more, then click here to view other peoples photos of the event on "Flickr" (recommended)

















"OH-DEAR"     I am getting to old for this lark !


The terrafolk.









I hope you enjoyed looking at the pictures as much as I had taking them.

Kenny  with a trapped nerve wishes you all the very best.

 Peace Love and Light.




The Park,The Party,and the pussycat.

While driving along the A19 north bound, I noticed an old stone tower hidden among the trees, I had not seen this strange building before, for two reasons…The first being I do not travel along this part of the A19 very often, and secondly the trees are without leaf at this time of year,
so revealing this little treasure.
I decided to take a closer look and was pleasantly surprised, "ney delighted" at what I had discovered. It transpired that it was not just a old tower in the trees but a science park, still under construction in parts, there were lakes with wildfowl a plenty.
Originally it had been a Gothic gate house built in 1764
It was a wonderful surprise for me to find this little gem of a place, so it was out with my new Nikon D80 and took a few pics.
It was purely by chance and so unexpected that I came upon this little place of beauty, and needless to say that I shall be returning to this special little park later in the summer.



This is the view of the large lake. ( I wonder if there are any fish in it.)

view across the big lake.

A pair of Swans came to ask for some bread.


side by side

Get out of my face.

Overexposed Celebs
Cocaine scandal? What cocaine scandal? Kate Moss is flying higher than ever – as far as her profile is concerned, that is. The Mirror may have got the scoop that reportedly revealed a drugs problem, but it’s made little difference to the supermodel’s bank balance.

At the time of the revelations, she lost lucrative contracts with Chanel and Hennes & Mauritz, but Kate Moss is now signed to a record 14 advertising campaigns.

Her face will adorn ads for the likes of chavs fave Burberry, jewellers Bulgari and Dior; international brands of the highest order. Not to be sniffed at. As far as Kate’s transgressions are concerned, it’s as the old saying dictates: there’s no such thing as bad publicity.

In the gallery below,  some other celebs who are just as ubiquitous…

Gallery: Overexposed Celebrities
Carol Vorderman – You can catch her on TV just about every single day of your life. The only Vorderman-free zone is the BBC; no adverts and therefore, no chance of seeing her endorse consolidation loans either.  Calum Best – The son of the late Manchester United legend George, he was lately seen on ITV1’s mega-flop Love Island,  which he won. Some achievement. Calum is forever in the tabloids and cheap celebrity rags.  Paul Danan – Once upon a time, he was a serious actor. OK, it was only Hollyoaks,  but he spent four years on that show. Now, thanks to some unwise reality TV show decisions, he’s become an overexposed twit.  Paris Hilton – I defy Professor Stephen Hawking himself to work out what it is that Paris Hilton does.  However, she’s got one hell of a PR rep; it’s impossible to pick up a newspaper or magazine without seeing her face. 
Sharon Osbourne – She was fab on The Osbournes,  but with The X Factor,  her new afternoon chat show, celebrity rag and tabloid appearances, you can get too much of a good thing. Please tone it down Shazza.   Russell Brand – His mad E4 show saved Big Brother 7 from being a monumental bore, but there’s no escaping the geezer at the moment as women are crawling out of the woodwork to talk about his sexual habits. Yuck.  Kate Moss – Ever since that infamous exposé about her recreational habits, the supermodel’s profile has soared. She’s on more TV adverts, she’s never off entertainment cable channel, E! and she’s always in print.  Pete Doherty – He’s a perfect example of Groundhog Day. Another day, another story about Pete Doherty. And if it isn’t about his drug addiction or court appearances, it’s about his love for Kate Moss. Enough already!    



is the worst culprit, 

she is a money grabbing

two faced woman

hell bent on swelling her bank account

and trying to turn countdown

(a program that i enjoy)

into the carole vorderman show.