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Neuralgia  !!!


Sex & Coffee !

6 May 2011 Last updated at 00:04By James Gallagher

Health reporter, BBC News

Coffee linked to one in 10 burst blood vessels in the brain. Related Stories
‘Happy marriage cuts strokes’
Anti-depressants ‘up stroke risk’
Public ‘unaware of stroke risk’
Coffee, sex and blowing your nose could increase the risk of a type of stroke, say researchers in the Netherlands.

The study on 250 patients identified eight risk factors linked to bleeding on the brain.

They all increase blood pressure which could result in blood vessels bursting, according to research published in the journal Stroke.

The Stroke Association said more research was needed to see if the triggers caused the rupture.

More than 150,000 people in the UK have a stroke each year with nearly 29,000 due to bleeding on the brain.

Bleeding can happen when a weakened blood vessel, known as a brain aneurysm, bursts. This can result in brain damage or death.

The researchers at the University Medical Center in Utrecht looked at 250 patients for three years to identify what triggers ruptures.

Caffeine danger

They found that coffee was responsible for more than one in 10 burst brain aneurysms.

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Percentage of bursts due to:
Coffee 10.6%
Vigorous exercise 7.9%
Nose blowing 5.4%
Sex 4.3%
Straining to defecate 3.6%
Drinking cola 3.5%
Being startled 2.7%
Being angry 1.3%

I know which one I shall “not” be avoiding, how about you ?

While people drinking coffee had only a 1.7 times greater risk, it is more common than other risk factors.

Being startled increased the risk by more than 23 times, but was responsible for just 2.7% of cases.

Dr Monique Vlak, a neurologist and the study’s lead author, said: “All of the triggers induce a sudden and short increase in blood pressure, which seems a possible common cause for aneurysmal rupture.”

Lower risk

The authors said one in 50 people has a brain aneurysm, but only a few rupture.

Dr Vlak advised that: “Reducing caffeine consumption or treating constipated patients with unruptured intracranial (brain) aneurysms with laxatives may lower the risk of subarachnoid haemorrhage.”

The study only looked at the triggers for the burst. High blood pressure weakens blood vessels in the first place and can be caused by being overweight, smoking and a lack of exercise.

Dr Sharlin Ahmed, Research Liaison Officer at The Stroke Association said: “A sudden surge in high blood pressure can increase the likelihood of an aneurysm rupturing. However, it’s very difficult to determine whether the triggers identified in this study are definitely related to the onset of a stroke as they could simply be put down to coincidence.

“A lot more research needs to be carried out to assess whether each of the identified triggers could directly cause an aneurysm to rupture.”

Kenny2livers :)


To those that are not aware then let me tell you that I have had the “NEW LIVER”  installed.  The transplantaion took place on Friday 15th October.   Now just 2 weeks later I sit here at home after been given weekend leave. I have responded so well to the treatment the doctors are most delighted with my progress . I had thought I would be in hospital for six weeks before recovering enough to be alowed week end leave. So as you see things are going very well indeed.

I am begining to wander what type of person it was that gave me this wonderful second chance at living.  Was this man similar to myself ?  how old was he  ?  what colour eys did he have.? and such questions as this   !!!  How my life has changed, how I feel about this man who’s great organ is doing it’s work deep within my body.  I felt I should try to put some words together, to express my respect for this man within me.




I now dance to the music of the doomed, to the beautiful black ballet I glide. 

To the rythum of those flowers unbloomed

a gift of life from those that died.

I dance in time to the surgons flashing batton

and the music in me is born anew.

I sway once more to a familiar pettern

and the beautiful black ballet flows good and true.


I would like to take this oportunity to thank thoes that took time to make contact in many diferent ways.

your words gave me good streanth and energy to help fight this fight.

I thank you all.

On this special nights of nights, the night when pagen witches are abroad

I  am back to hospital tomorrow  and hopefully they shall offer me weekend leave once more. I hope so, rentry to normal life shall take time, for the psat 18 month it has been hell,   now things are becoming better.

I hope my recovery continues to be soo swift and positive.


Have a great week all  untill my next weekend leave.

Keep smiling   🙂




Pigeons eggs update. plus !


Visited The Freeman’s Hospital at Newcastle on Monday the 2ND August. This was for my first session of "Lithotripsy" for my Kidney stones. Evidently each stone will require more than one session. So, arrangements are afoot to re fare me to my own local Hospital. "The James Cook"   It is but a short walk along the beck from my house. 10 Min’s. max.

Yesterday the 5Th I was back in Newcastle to see my Consultant. To learn if my last  treatment  was successful. I had been expecting to be seen by my usual Consultant  the good Senior Lecturer Dr. Reeves. But no. A nurse called my name and was guided to the room where to my surprise. I was confronted with Professor D. Manas himself, the good Doctor Mr J. Rose ( he executes the procedures on my liver,)  and the over worked and underpaid  Joanna the Nurse.   I felt instantly as I entered that  room of much gloom, that  it was not good news. I was not wrong !

After introductions  (as this was the first time i had actually met the "Boss" ) I was asked to lay on the bed while they performed a quick Ultra sound scan of my liver. The Professor and  Dr. Rose exchange ideas and prescribed A procedure where they insert a rather large needle into my liver. (don’t know the name of this procedure and i don’t know if i want to know )  I had been for warned that this could be the case. But had hoped that this would be avoided. "live in hope" as they say !

Professor Manas did point out that, more tumors could develop. So things could get so bad, that it was possible that my name would have to be removed from the list of hopefuls. It is at this point the death knell tolls.  Those icy words washed over me and chilled me to the very bone. They brought home to me once more, just what a super fine line I am walking.  Was this another warning of what may be lurking in wait around the next blood spattered corner for me, i wonder ! 

When Professor Manas spoke those words, not a muscle in his face moved. His eye’s burning into my own, they seemed to be looking for a reaction. I gave him none. Instead I asked politely if he would be so kind and allow me to take a photograph of the beast that was wanting to destroy me. He consented and smiled. I then thought while I have the two gentlemen who are endeavoring to save my life, together. I asked for a picture of them. (don’t ask don’t get) after a cough and a chuckle they both kindly agreed.

So that is how it stands ….Waiting for something to start. Always waiting. Things could have gone a lot better for me. But Dr Rose explained that the tumor is situated close to a blood vessel. This could be dangerous as the treatment could block the vessel and that would be well let us say, not good !!! Also Dr. Rose pointed out that the 3rd tumor has very few veins wich inthemselves are small. This proves it difficult to administer the  coup de gras to the tumor. 




Now for a few pics of my round trip by train to the Freemans Hospital.

The outward Journey I took the direct train along the coast. The return I took the main line train to Doncaster.


On leaving Middlesbrough there are a number of newly built offices blocks. All with different names. This one  interested me. I had noticed that the pigeons always seemed to be roosting on the very same roof, when I passed (and I have passed many times now over the passed year or so) I wondered why, was it something to do with the name of the office block and the fact that Pigeons are  direct decendents of the "Rock Dove".  But obviously Clifton house has not been insulated as well as the other office blocks.


Pigeons roosting on Clifton house.


The sun for a change was shining, and I was missing it. 😦


Cornfield or beach !


Approaching Newcastle central station.


Approaching Newcastle central.


The Garden before the enterence to the Freemans. People sit here to smoke. Alongside wreaths that have been left by relatives and friends of some departed soul.


Entrance to the Freeman's Hospital.


Professor D. Manas (right) and Dr J.Rose. "My sword and shield"


My life in their hands.


The enemy.

You are viewing this pic from above looking down through my spine.



It's like you know me now,inside and out  :)

It is the 3rd tumor that is causing the problem. Or making the problem worse.

It needs to be destroyed but this is prooving to be dificult.  

I would like to thank "all" the team who are working to save my life.

 I can not write more about this. Because I can not thank them enough.


"Joanna" the overworked and underpaid Nurse.


Joanne,a hard working Lady.


On my homeward journey the train stops at the lovely Cathederel town of Durham.




I changed train at Darlington ( noted for being the very first destination of a passenger train in the World) a station of many wonderful hello’s and many sad goodbyes.


Like all stations I guess.





Getting close to Middlesbrough now, here we have a fleet of Teeside taxi’s.  🙂


Teesside Airport.


And finaly you will be pleased to hear, if you have made it this far down.

My arrival at my home town. The land of iron.



It has a pulse.


 It had been a long day !









100 days.


"Sitting by the phone"
The Transplant coordinator Phoned me on Monday ,
 informing me that my presents was required  at the Freeman’s hospital  the following morning.
This was to Talk with the surgeon about my forthcoming procedure, and to sign my body
over to the surgeons.
The risks involved were discussed. But was astounded when he told me that "the average
waiting time for a liver transplant was only 100 days" and that I could expect to be in hospital
for anything up to 3 Month.  "gulp"  (cherno will not be best pleased ) 
It all depends on how the new liver reacts and my own powers of recovery.
I was pleased when he told me that if the first transplant  failed.
Then a "re transplant" would be possible.
The surgeon also left me in no doubt that , a great amount of time and money has been invested in me.
So I was expected to take care of myself and never drink alcohol again. (I have no problem with this)
I have been dry now since May 14th 09.
I am also grounded, If I were to go traveling then I would be suspended from the "active list"
with the possibility of missing out on a new Liver.
We do not want that do we !
So, that is about the size of it, just a case now of waiting for my " new" Mobil phone to vibrate.
I have never owned a Mobil before in my life, but circumstances decreed it is time for me to buy one.
Happy valentines day to all for tomorrow
and happy birthday  tomorrow, to your friend and mine .
Suki, from the Wildwood !
"OH" yes and happy new year to any chinese who pass by
leaving spam all over the place.
Dam them.
It is the year of the tiger and It is a shame only some 30 Tigers now exist in China.
An estimated 4.000 once excisted
 The reason:  a tiger’s penis soaked in alcohol is said to increase virility.
No chance of me chewing on one then  !!!
Not that I need to  🙂
And on that note I leave you with a tune I quite like.


I have been so worried about not being placed on the list over the past 6 weeks.
This is because of the suspicion that I had a "turbulent flow"
descending in the left aorta in the pulmonary area, by "some" of the doctors.
That would have made my chances of being placed on the list, virtually nil.
You can imagine just how happy I was to learn this.
It happened thus.  
Our friend Kate had messaged me , just asking me how I was feeling.  I replied I was ok  
but was not expecting to hear anything about the "reassessment" that happened yesterday.
For  2/3 weeks. 
LO and behold, no sooner had I replied to Kate's message, the phone rang !!!
A lady with a soft gentle voice spoke to me these words.
" Kenneth, they have placed you on the active list"
I was speechless for a moment, then my spirits were tossed Olympus high.
I am now in the race proper. A race I intend to win, a race of which
the first prize is a life extension.  A prize worth winning, me thinks.
(I do have a quality of life)
I shall never forget this day or the timing of the phone call.
The transplant coordinator who phoned told me, I shall hear from her again soon.
to arrange a meeting to discuss the details of the surgeons decision.
A great weight has been lifted from my shoulder this day.
It is not very often I use expletives in my posts. But today is different.
so if I may just shout out loud   " I am  f*****g   "buzzing"   lol.
sorry about that, but I just could not resist it.
I am just soooo  happy.
RE; my picture " my daughter in the water"   I created it yesterday when I was thinking about the doctors, with their heads together. Wondering just WHAT conclusions they had come to and what decision they had made.  All day yesterday it seemed like I was in a dream world.  Today I am tingling with excitement .   Who knows what I shall create next.  I don't know, I must wait and see what pops into my head.  
Deep peace of mind time, for me now.
PS. Sarah, I wish you the best of luck with "your MRI"
I haven't.
February second is the exact halfway point between the Winter Solstice and the Spring Equinox. It is the winter midpoint or cross-quarter day. The duskiest, coldest season is now officially half over!
A good day to learn that I am on the list.
Not long now and things in the garden shall begin to stir

Pigeon eggs update.



A liver transplant meeting was held on the 7th of December  09. I had requested a copy of the results.
 My fingers trembled slightly and my pulse rate increased somewhat, as I gingerly opened the letter. 
 I had NOT been placed on the LIST  Sad 
My jaw dropped and a wave of disappointment swept throughout the whole of  my body.
 I was stunned. I had felt so sure that I would be placed on the list. After all,
 I had been told I was considered to be "low risk" How wrong we can be !!!
The reason for this decision was that, the echo scan that I had during the assessment tests. 
 Had appeared to pick up a "turbulent flow"  (shunt)  noted in the descending Aorta left pulmonary area "gulp"
Further scans had been called for and were in fact taken on the 4th Jan at the Newcastle general. 
My Consultant whom I saw yesterday the 28th. Seemed doubtful that there existed a shunt,
 as I would have been feeling ill. this was nice to learn as I do not feel ill at all. In fact I feel good. 
My consultant told me also that  while the surgeons were dealing with the two tumors (successfully)
they had discovered a third 2cm. tumour. The surgeons had taken no action against this
 3rd pigeon egg.
Another Liver transplant meeting shall be held this Monday the 1st Feb. 
 The Surgeons shall decide then if I am to be placed on the list, or that more tests are to be called for..
I am feeling a little more confident compared to how I have been feeling,
 since I first read about the " shunt "  6 weeks ago.
You can imagine how delighted I was to hear my Consultant utter those beautiful words that 
 " she doubted  the existence of a shunt "
I am assuming the 3rd tumour is to be dealt with at a later date, if necessary.
I have requested once again a copy of the results of the liver transplant meeting to be held on Monday. 
I hope it makes better reading than the last one.
I choose NOT to make public the findings of the last transplant meeting regarding the shunt.
as I had trouble with keeping the dark thoughts at bay.
  If I had published, then it would have been in my face everyday.  "not good"
SO, all in all it is a bitter sweet pill I swallow.
 My Consultants "doubts"  sweet, and the 3rd tumour, bitter.
I shall be updating again just as soon as I learn the results of Mondays meeting between the gods of medication and Nature.
In the mean time, I am still clad in my bloodstained battle dress and ready to fight, even if it kills me.

Dance me to the end of love.

To those that should read the above, I wish you the very best for the weekend.

            Keep smiling Smile



It is the brightest "FULL MOON" tonight of 2010. 

Perhaps I should take that as a good omen.


Battle scars.

Arrived at the Freeman's Hospital in Newcastle Monday afternoon, settled down on my bed
and stared at the ceiling.
My mind began to wonder down pathways I had walked down throughout my life.
Places I had been and people I had met. I thought about the critical decisions I had made
 that had changed the coarse of my life and made me into who I am today.
I gazed at that ceiling many times during my 6 night stay in hospital.
Tuesday arrived and I was to be one of the first to be operated on that day.
9am  they came for me  dressed in white kind of ghostly looking.
I do not remember much about what happened that day only that I was in pain.
 Wednesday came and so did the doctor. Although the procedure was complicated
he was quite happy with it.  he said.
He also told me that I could go home  now,  I don't think so I replied   !!!
I told him of the pain in my tummy so he called for a ct. scan. 
Within the hour I was being scand
and an hour later the doctor returned to inform me.  That the pain was evident
because my bladder had ballooned and was resting on my hip.  "gulp"
The doctor then called for a catheter to be fitted.  "OUCH"  !!!
for two days  they measured my liquid intake and output.
It was removed on the Saturday night. 
( a true free willy moment if ever there was one, wonderful )
Have not heard anything about conclusions that were arrived at by the doctors.
Came Sunday I was good to go.
Yes and once again I had to spend a few days in my local hospital.  12 hours after returning
from the Freeman's,  I wicked pain began in my right side.
I knew instantly what it was, the liver was inflaming  again, just like last time.
Phoned for an ambulance and was given morphine before we reached the hospital.
Home now and things seem to be settling down.
I still don't know about  my bladder , how big it is  or  indeed  where it is.
So now I am  "WAITING for EVER WAITING " 
for an appointment for another scan. This shall reveal
if the procedure was successful or not. 
This link is a picture of my shaved and swollen tummy,
 showing the scaring left by the "keyhole" surgery.
All very clever stuff !!!
Although  the picture is not gruesome it still is  not a pretty sight.
you have been warned.
Have a pleasent week all, and take care over the holidays.
eat drink and be merry, for tomorrow we die !!!
Kenny .

Under the knife.

The day dawned cold but bright. The very instant I awakened
I felt  that today was destined to be different.
I abandoned my bed for the sofa and a cup of coffee. Soon I began to feel
anxious, irritable and  sensitive.  I didn't know  why.
The morning unfolded without incident, then the hospital rang !
This is an abridged version of the conversation.
Mr. Hutchinson !  ( yes that's the fellow i said ) OK, get your backside back up here for Monday  .
We are going to whip out your Gall Bladder and give those tumors a right good spanking.
"What"   "WOW"...  BRILLIANT SAYS I.
This was quite a surprise as I was not expecting to be under the knife
 until around x/mas time or even later.
 But it is good, as that may mean i shall be well recovered from the procedure by x/mas.
hope so.
Coincidentally it is my x wife's birthday today "and"  "Lancashire day"   (Check out the music. It's hilarious) 
So, to all you Lancastrians out there.
Manchester united shall not win the Premier League this year. Or next !
Ok, I have much to arrange before my all expenses paid visit to Newcastle.
so take care all and have a pleasent week end.
Now where did I put my Jazzy Jim-Jams
I will be back !!!

Memory and concentration test.


Going back to the "memory and concentration"  test.

This is one of the tests that I had to perform.  why don’t you try it !!!

Take a piece of A4 and in "random" order write the numbers from 1 to 10.

Then write the first 10 letters of the alphabet in "random" order.

Like this.


Now draw an "unbroken" line between the number 1 and the letter A

Then to the number  2 to the letter B. 

Then to the number 3 to the letter c.  and so on !

Time yourself and see if you can beat  19 seconds.

Remember :  the line must be "unbroken"

If you are wondering just what on Earth memory has to do with liver disease.

It is because liver disease effects the memory.

Don’t forget that  🙂


Have a great  week all,  mine shall surely be better than last week.