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The Patterdale Terrier.

The Patterdale Terrier..

Half a century past.



While rumaging through cubords and draws searching for something , very much part of my present. I stumbled upon something very much part of my distant passed. How it found itself ther carefully placed down the side of a box of documents, I shall never know. Squirreled away possibly by me when I was a drinker. (3 years alcohol free in May “YEA” ) I was 13 years old when this pic was taken.My Dogs name was “Baron Von Norge” I have never forgotten him and never shall. I loved him and his passing effected me for a very long time. Dogs can cast very long shadows. Even at the tender age of 13 I possed a very powerfull love of Dogs.

One evening I was alone in the house, when I heard someone walking by. Then I heard the door handle being turned, I knew the door was locked. But this did not stop my hackles rising nor Barons. I rose and walked toward the door and opened it. Baron dashed passed me and began barking like mad at something or someone. When I looked, to my right, Baron had a policeman pinned to the wall. Hands in the air and with a look of shock on his face. (I shall never forget that picture lol )
I don’t recall what words were spoken, but I guess the policeman never tried my door again ūüôā I was so proud of Baron. To this day I do not understand why a policeman should try the door handle of “my” house. One would often see the police trying the doors of shops etc. But never of domestic dwellings.

Just about where I am stood in the picture now excists a Starbucks !!!. “OH” how times change and how swiftly.


Below is a pic of a murial I painted ages ago. Some may have seen it before on W.L.S.

Just a thought..!!!


Is just around the corner. “YES”



Poor Cherno.



Cherno has always been a good eater. So it was a surprise to me , when he turned his nose up at his breakfast. ( I feed him on the morning and allow him to sleep all he wants through the day. This ensures he is alert and hungry throughout the night, )
This was Saturday morning, Sunday he became lethargic and struggled to rise from a prone position. Bank holiday Monday he was just the same. He had a slight temperature and was drinking profusely. I began to suspect an infection. Tuesday morning, I checked what he had passed during the night. His motion was ” Black “.

I called the Vet immediately and made an appointment for 12-o-clock ! Cherno was weighed and found to be 60 kilo’s. Far too heavy. The Vet suggested that I reduce his food intake by half and bring his weight down by 15k. The Vet then told me he thought an infection had caused the black stool.A couple of injections and a coarse of antibiotics and he should be ok, he said. A repeat appointment was made for 10 days time. About half an hour after arriving home, Cherno spontaneously¬†spilled the contents of his stomach over the carpet, twice !!! Poor fellow just could not help it.¬†Not a nice sight nor pleasant to clean up. “DOGS ” NOTHING BUT TROUBLE, BUT DO I LOVE THEM… YOU CAN BET YOUR BUTT I DO.
So here I sit watching Cherno’s every move with everything crossed, hoping he makes some sign of recovery soon.


This is how Cherno looks when he is not poorly  !!!


My favourite charity.

A tried and trusted friend of mine posted this story to me tonight.

Some may know her as my dog loving buddy.

A lady possesing the most highest of characters.

This is what she wrote.







Daisy, a pretty 11 month old Staffy X knows that animal charities are always asking for your help but she hopes that you will take a few minutes, perhaps with a cup of tea and a biscuit, to read her story.


Hi, I’m Daisy, I’m pretty, clever and well behaved, well most of the time! I don’t know how I ended up in the dog pound but I did. My neighbours, both old dogs and young pups, all forgotten, all unwanted just like myself. We all await our fate in the lottery of life, re-homed, rescue or euthanasia? I was one of the lucky ones cos the ladies from BeeJay Dog Rescue took me in.

The thing is, I have a problem with my skin, it’s all sort of bobbly and lumpy and in places feels a bit like sandpaper. It doesn’t itch, it’s just odd. I was taken to a special vet who likes looking at skin. She took some photo’s which she shared with lots of her vet friends. Apparently I am the only one with what they call Hyperkeratosis. It is mega rare and usually affects Labradors, not Staffies, so that makes me mega special. There is no cure as yet, but I have creams and baths and pills which the charity raise funds and pay for and will continue to pay for as long as need be.

So ladies and gents, from the bottom of my heart can I ask if anyone out there will give me a chance? A loving home where I can put my suitcase in the loft would be wonderful, or a long term foster home would also make my dreams come true. All I need is someone to play with and stuff to eat. Before I go I would also like to appeal for donations to help BeeJay Dog Rescue continue funding my treatment and also help other dogs as well. In return I’d promise lots of love and fun, I’ll be a good girl, honest!

With paws crossed and hopes held high, please ring my friend Jane on 01302 751829/0766586720. If you are kind enough to donate towards my medication please post to BeeJay Dog Rescue, 3, Cumberland Close, Bircotes, Doncaster, South Yorkshire, DN11 8BU. We don’t have a website as yet but you can find me on Dunroamin-k9rescue’s re-homing age.

Thank you.


If anyone should read this and feels they would like to help. Then that would be wonderful.

“Thank you”


Mad Max


I found this old newspaper clipping while

 searching for something else.



 I reared Max and would take him with me to my local pub,  

Max was a friendly dog with no antisocial habbits.

 He was very much liked by "most" of the customers and staff.

Bill was the landlord and many times asked, no, begged indeed that I sell Max to him.

 I knew Bill was a good man and that Max would be very well taken care of.

So it came as something of a surprise when Bill phoned me and told me what had happened.

 This is the snippet published in the evening gazette. Thursday, May 18 1995


A beautiful dog,with a beautiful temperament !


This is Max after his "mad" attempt to swim the River Tees.

A very lucky dog indeed.



Max. after his swim  !!!








Warm water please.

Two German Shepherd dogs in the snow.



There are times when it’s important for you to do special things for your dog. Dogs require very special care in cold weather. The air is cold, it’s windy, water freezes, and salt is on the sidewalks to melt the snow. The air can get very dry and cause static electricity. This can make your dog’s hair stand up and maybe give you a tiny shock.

Border Collie in the snow.


Dog laying in snow.

If your double-coated dog will be living outside during the winter, start putting him outside early in the fall. This will give him time to develop the thick undercoat he needs for warmth.

Outside dogs use more calories to keep warm in winter, so you give your dog additional food.


Your dog’s coat is good protection against the cold weather. Don’t ever shave your dog during the winter months. Keep it thick and long. And if you bathe him, it’s best to dry him completely before going outside.


In cold, snowy weather make sure that if your dog is outside, he has shelter to protect him from cold wind. Giving him a bed inside the shelter will help him stay warmer because he will be off of the cold ground.

Fresh straw (not hay) can make a nice bed in the doghouse. It’s comfortable and helps keep your dog warm. Many people who live in cold areas use this inside their dog houses.

Young puppies should not be left outside when it’s very cold. They can’t make themselves warm like older dogs can. Keep your puppy safe and cozy inside a heated building.

Siberian Husky dog on top of doghouse on a winter day.


No Ice, Please

If you leave water outside for your dog, make sure that it does not become frozen. Your dog needs regular, cool water to drink, not ice.

If you are not able to change your dog’s water, you might want to buy a special heated dog dish. You can check these out at your favorite pet store.


Pomeranian with sweater on.

Some dogs are small. Some don’t have hair. And some dogs don’t have thick coats. All these dogs will get cold faster than dogs with thick, double coats. If your dog gets cold easily, you might buy a sweater and some booties for him. Check them out at your favorite pet store! Note: Dogs were not meant to wear clothes all the time, even though clothing is popular right now. Have a natural dog! Only wear clothes on special occasions or when it’s cold.


Not All Snowballs are Fun!

After your dog has been playing in the snow, check his feet. There may be snowballs stuck between his toes. If the hair on your dog’s feet is long, the snowballs will stick to it.

Snow can also build up on a dog’s ears, tail, and belly. It forms little balls of very hard, icy snow and they can stick to the hair on your dog. They can be very cold and painful.

Black cocker spaniel with snow frozen to his ears.
This dog has snowballs on his ears.

Front paws, all trimmed up.
These paws can play in the snow.

To prevent paw snowballs, have your parents trim the hair on your dog’s feet and between the toes. Or your dog can wear dog booties!

All snowballs can be removed by using a warm washcloth to melt the snow. Also, bringing your dog into the house will melt the icy snow.


Dogs get lots of smells from the ground. When snow covers the ground, it’s much more difficult for dogs to get the usual smells that give them information about the world. In the winter make sure your dog always wears a leash and his name tags because if he were to get lost, it might be harder for him to find his way home using the usual smells for clues.


Two Precautions

1. If your dog walks on salty sidewalks or streets, be sure to rinse the salt off the bottom of his feet when you get home.

2. Ask your parents to make sure that liquids like car anti-freeze are put away in cupboards or high up on shelves where young children and dogs can’t accidentally drink them. They’re very poisonous.

Two mixed breed dogs in the snow.


Warming his nose, Bailey keeps warm.

To keep themselves warm in the winter, dogs sometimes curl up with their tail covering their nose. Having a dog bed in your house will give your dog a cozy place to curl up off of the cold floor.


Where Do I Go?

Many people wonder where dogs, especially little ones, can go to the bathroom when there is deep snow. One thing you can do is to shovel the snow in an area that is big enough for your dog to do his business.

If it’s impossible for you to do this, put some newspaper down in your house by the door and hopefully your dog will use that until he can get back outside.

Pug in the snow.



~~~~~~~"CHERNO" HAS BEEN TAGGED~~~~~~~


 Cherno enters the room.   Hello, this is "Cherno the fearless" barking.

I have been tagged by my lovely Scottish furry friend "XENA WARRIOR PRINCESS"

No, Xena has not placed a band round my ankle, like they do with naughty humans.

I guess I must be the first dog "ever" to be "tagged".  woof woof.

 So, here I jolly well go.

1. ¬†I don’t like the postman, I scare the woof out of him every time he opens the gate. HE-HE-HE

2. ¬†I love eating raw Ox heart and roast Chicken…dribble-dribble at the very thought of them. yum yum yum.

3. ¬†I love chasing Squirrel’s in the park, pesky blighters, hard as woof to catch.

4. ¬†I like chasing flies and bee’s around the garden, the flies are harder to catch than the woofing Squirrels. But the bees are easy peasy and they are dead before they have even thought about stinging me.

¬†5.¬† I don’t like it much when me dad goes out and has to leave me all alone, but I know when he comes home he will have something nice for me to eat.

¬†6. ¬† Cat’s, I don’t like them, they are a complete waste of fur.

7.  I love playing football with me dad, I always score a goal.

8.¬† My favourite game is trying to eat the bone in my dad’s leg. Woofy woof woof.

9.¬† I love my furry friend Xena, me dad, all you lovely people that visit me dad’s space and leave such lovely comments for him. And me natural mam¬† " Countess of Lunas"


( A tear fall’s from Cherno’s eye )


There, now you have learned things about me "Cherno the fearless of Yorkshire" that you had not previously known.


Cherno exits the room and walks into the garden, raises his head to the sky and howl’s at the moon !


And all of Yorkshire hears his call.


P.S.    For the anthropocentric among us who have difficulty grasping the concept of anthropomorphism.

Then I would just like to say this,


This is a photograph of me when I was 9 weeks young, just a little ball of  fluff.




This is me when I was 4 month old. I am growing fast.



This is me and myself in May 08.





Well I hope you enjoyed your little insight into the world of "CHERNO THE FEARLESS"


I am on my way now to visit my furry friend Xena, when you see her, you will know why.

She’s a beauty.


Take care all.

Love Cherno.



I believe the time has come for me to vent my spleen on irresponsible dog owners. After hearing all the bad press about dog attacks of late, I have become enraged with these people who become owners of dogs only to allow them to become (or indeed deliberately make them) aggressive, and then walk out in public with them unleashed.
These people should be severely dealt with, they are in fact out in public with a loaded gun, yet if the gun should go off then it is the poor animal that is made to suffer, this, I feel is totally wrong and cannot be justified in anyway at all. If a dog attacks a human it is because the owner is unaware of the dogs temperament, or they are using the dog as a weapon, in both cases they are at fault and should be made to pay for their mistake.
To simply destroy the dog and slap the hand of its owner is quite unacceptable.
 If a dog kills a human as is what has happened over the last week, then the owner of the dog should be charged with manslaughter .
If I am driving a car irresponsibly and I kill someone it is not the car that has killed that person it is me, so if I am the owner of a dog and it kills someone then the same principle should apply.
A dog can inflict horrific injuries to a child in the blink of an eye, indeed it can kill a child within moments and the sooner dog owners understand this the better.
There are around 3,000 dog attacks a year in Britain, yet, the present outbreak of media frenzy only highlights the incidents that have occured over the past  few days, yet, dogs are attacking people every day of the week and all but a few are swept under the carpet, the owners of these dogs are allowed to walk free and due to a loophole in the law a convicted owner of a dangerous dog can still sell that dog on to any unsuspecting party.
This loophole must be closed and even more stringent measures put into place so dogs and their owners can be properly monitored.
I propose that any person convicted of owning a dangerous dog should not only be banned from walking the dog in public, (muzzled or not) but also be placed on a list of dangerous dog owners and this list made available to the general public. Stricter control is the answer, the dangerous dog act should, and must be reviewed and strengthened if we are to be able to walk in the park etc without being worried about being savaged.
The law encouraged the persecution and subsequent eradication of the wolf in Britain hundreds of years ago,yet, allows to this day irresponsible people to own and run free their dangerous dogs; this is quite wrong and must be stopped.
It has been hundreds of years since the population of Britain has been threatened by wild animal attacks; long gone are the days of beasts entering villages at night to steal away and devour our young children,
however, now we find the reputation  of  responsible dog owners  being placed in the firing line once again, because of the  stupid mentality of people that neither know nor care what exactly it is that they have on the end of the leash. Most dogs are gentle and loving and ask for nothing more than to be allowed to please their owners at every opportunity; they fully deserve their title of being "mans best friend".
If I have stirred you ~ then let me say, "it was my intention". 






my pet!